Here’s to 2017 F3 style

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  • When: 01/03/2017
  • QIC: SOC
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, PUD, Toxic (double respect), LIFO, Jumanji, Eileen, Big Bird

9 PAX showed up at a wet Anthill to weather some rain with coupons and more.

We started with warm up under in the rain:
– Little arm circles forward x 10, little arm circles backward x 12, Big arm circles forward x 10, Big arm circles backward x 12 (all IC)- recover
– Don Quioxtes x 10 (IC)
-Cotton Pickers x 10 (IC)
– Burpees x 10 for late PAX (Pyro, PUD)

We moved under the pavilion and grabbed coupons (2 x 10 lbs)

We honored 2017 by doing reps for each calendar quarter based off of number of days in respective months. We then held “quarterly meetings” as well. The workout was as follows:

Q1 – Dips x 31 reps, Mountain climbers (with feet moving outside and past hands) x 28, Derkins x 31 (all OYO)
Quarterly meeting – Burpees x 12, OH Press with coupons (IC) x 12, Teradactyl with coupons (OYO) x 12, run lap around loop
10 count
Q2 – Step ups x 30, Big boy sit-ups x 31, Merkins x 30 (all OYO)
Quarterly meeting (all with coupons) – Curls x 12 (IC), Triceps push backs x 12 (OYO), Curls x 12 (IC), run lap around loop
10 count
Q3 – Squats with coupons x 31, LBCs x 31, Irkins x 30 (all OYO)
Quarterly meeting (all with coupons) – Front raises x 12 (IC), Side raises x 12 (OYO), Right arm rows x 12 (IC), Left arm rows x 12 (IC), run lap around loop
10 count x 2
Q4 – Lunges with coupons x 31, WW1 sit-ups x 30, Werkins x 31 (all OYO)
Year end meeting for “20”-“17” – OH Press with Coupons x 20, Burpees x 17 (OYO); Curls x 20, Squats x 17 (OYO), run lap around loop

Extra time: Toy soliders x 12 (IC), Side straddle hops x 12 (IC), Calf raises x 50 (OYO), Leg stretches

Circle up: QIC encouraged group on humility, defined as a lack of self, and serving others. Referenced Andrew Murray’s pamphlet “Humility”.
No announcements. Prayers for PUD’s family due to death of sister in law’s father, prayers of mental and physical endurance for Big Bird.

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