Mosey down the Riverwalk ++

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  • When: 01/16/2017
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Pyro, S.O.C., Bowzer & PUD

With some of the normal F3 Kessel crew absent I took the Q (Apparently since I called for the roll call the day before).  Happy I did as we had a solid workout.

WARM UP: loop around fountain w butt kickers & carryovers.

THE THANG: Ran the Riverwalk to School board building, Squats until 6 arrived. Then left the river walk en route to the Steinmart garage, stopped at benches for  20 incline & 20 decline Merkins. Jogged to the garage and proceeded up the stairs, air chair at top for 6, then down steps. 20 lbc’s at bottom. Back up the stairs, Al Gore until 6 arrived… then down the stairs for 20 big boy sit ups at bottom and 20 side Straddle hops. Then back to River walk via Peninsula / Strand path. Jogged to the Ruth Chris garage stairs, up & down both, 20 prisoner squats at bottom. Up & down again followed by 20 dips on bench. Jog back to the fountain. Easy Jog around fountain followed by sprint around. Backwards jog around fountain followed by sprint (forward) around the fountain. 50 LBCs. Stretch for 5, prayers in BBofM. We did somewhere around 2.9 to 3.6 miles depending on which fitness tracker you believe. Good work boys.  Welcome Bowzer!

COOL DOWN:  Good stretch

LEADERSHIP LESSON:  No matter how well you have mastered your role as a leader in your organization, you cannot succeed unless you have a solid support group around you to help!

The 6 P’s of Building a Solid Leadership Team

  1. People – We need to Gather the right people.  They got to be dependable and have strengths they can bring to the team.
  2. Positions – Putting people into the right positions. Put your aces in their places.
  3. Priorities – Assign priorities. Set the strategic vision.  Keep them from losing sight of the big picture.  Keep the end in sight so they are aware of the common goal you are working toward.
  4. Processes – Following the right processes.  Make sure the team commits to and follows the right steps.  If they veer off the course too much to do things there way, chaos will ensue.
  5. Participation – Growth through participation. Get the team together belly to belly.  Commit to a daily team meeting.  Think of “the big game”.  If the team never practices together, they won’t play well together.
  6. Progress – Commit to progress.  On going training & team development.


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