NO Shortcuts — Hard Work is the Key to Success!!!

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  • When: 01/19/17
  • The PAX: Toxic (Double Respect), Feud, Biiiiing, PUD (Tribute), D-Nice, BigBird, Heisenberg, Snuffy (Respect), Jumanji, Bowzer

11 Jax Pax arrived on this foggy gloomy Florida morning for BOHICA. Props to PUD for wearing the Tribute Vest! Missing lots of guys – shout out to OTC, SeatDown, Synapse, Cousin Eddie, Boucher, Burmese Python, Disco, Twister, Spalding, LegoLand, Fife … hope you fellas make it back out again soon.


*Pax will do 5 Burpees EVERY 5 minutes

Burpees – 5 OYO
SSH – IC x 12
Mountain Climbers – IC x 12
Zombie Shuffle – IC x 12
Peter Parkers – IC x 12
Toy Soldiers – IC x 12
Makhtar N’Diaye – IC x 12 (FINALLY GOT THE NAME)
Cotton Pickers – IC x 12
Hillbillies – IC x 12
Plank Jacks – IC x 12
Burpees – 5 OYO

Count off by 3’s for MINI MURPH

Mosey to the playground for Mini Murph Tabata
20 secs or work, 10 secs of rest
Cycle between the 3 stations for 8 rounds (12 min)
Group #1 – Pull Ups
Group #2 – Merkins
Group #3 – Sumo Squats

We missed 2 rounds of Burpees during Mini Murph, so 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the basketball court. Line up on one sideline for D-B-D (Donkeys, Bears, and Ducks)
Start with 10 Donkey Kicks, then Bear Crawl to the other side, then 8 Donkey Kicks, then Duck Walk back to the first sideline. Repeat going down by 2’s with the Donkey Kicks.

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey back to the light post by the playground.
3 different loops: Big loop for the fast runners, Medium Loop for the okay runners, and Small Loop for the walkers.
Run a lap and finish where we start for group exercises (after each exercise, run another lap):
*SSH until the six comes in, then do 10 more
*Mountain Climbers until the six, then 10 more
*Zombie Shuffle until the six, then 10 more
*Peter Parkers until the six, then 10 more
*Toy Soldiers until the six, then 10 more

*A set of 5 Burpees were thrown in there in between the Zombie Shuffle and Peter Parkers

Not so 6 min of Mary … Flutter Kicks IC x 20

Of course finish with 5 Burpees OYO

COT / Naked Moleskin:

YHC talked about how there are no shortcuts in all lot of things we do in life. In our jobs and careers, in our marriages and relationships, in working out, etc. Trying to take shortcuts can take you into dangerous places. We are called to climb a mountain and there will be many difficulties along the way. But those difficulties will bless us with courage and strength. HE has a perfect plan for us. With HIM and through our brothers, families & loved ones we will make it together to the TOP!

Announcements / Prayer Requests:

*Pray for the inauguration of our new president and the leaders of our country that surround him. God Bless America!

*Continued prayers for OTC & Ashley, SeatDown, guys on IR/DL (SOC, Eileen, Synapse, Cousin Eddie, etc).

*Prayers for Biiiiing and work situation because of his shoulder

Great work today Mighty Men!

Peace Out — PYRO



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