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  • When: 01/31/2017
  • The PAX: Feud, LIFO, Drone, Snuffy (Respect), Brief, Jumanji (Tribute), BigBird, Sweater Vest (Welcome), Bowzer, PUD, Pyro

11 Pax showed up on this chilly Florida morning. But YHC was quickly reminded how cold it really is in the state of the MotherShip … thanks SweaterVest and welcome. Glad you came back to represent F3Durham.

Props to Jumanji for the Tribute Vest

Disclaimer & Warm Up:
Mosey around the parking lot & around the field because YHC needed to knock the 43-degree chill off

Being the last day of the month (January 31st) the theme for today is “31”

COP on the field:
*SSH IC x 31
*Mountain Climbers IC x 31
*Toy Soldiers IC x 31
*Merkin / Groiner Combo OYO x 31
*Tempo Prisoner Squats IC x 31

The Thang:

Mosey to the Parking Lot & Find some Curb –
*Curb Shuffles IC x 31
*Calf Raises Toes In IC x 31
*Alternating Lunges IC x 31
*Calf Raises Toes Out IC x 31
*Butkus IC x 31
*Some mumble chatter going on. I don’t know but I think I heard my name. Heisenberg getting called out. See what happens when you miss!

Mosey to the Playground –
Pyro 31’s:
*11’s – Merkins / Pull ups BUT ADD 20 Squats each round to make 31 reps
*Plank until the six

Mosey to the Basketball Court –
Mucho Chesto Suicides:
*Start with 10 Diamond Merkins
*Then 10 Normal Merkins
*Then 10 Right Hand Stagger
*Then 10 Left Hand Stagger
*Then 10 Werkins
*Rinse and Repeato

Mosey to the Pavillion –
*Lateral Step Ups … you guessed it – 31 reps OYO
*Repeat other side
*Prisoner Calf Raises
Sidebar jokes about dropping soap & such going on
*LBC’s IC x 31

Mosey back out to the parking lot / flag for COT & BOM –

YHC opened up about trials and tribulations going on in his life with family life and work life. And was reminded recently to keep check what and who is influencing your “inner circles”. Also trying to find out your “purpose”. Life can be good but it can always be better.

Stick to the fundamentals. Take an easy exercise like SSH but do it 31 times. Sometimes we can take easy things and make them so difficult.

Prayer Requests:
*BigBird and his interview with Enterprise
*Brief with work travel and also a fun trip with his M
*Remembering SeatDown, OTC & Ashley, and other guys on IR or MIA

Great work today Mighty Men! Way to push through and keep getting better.

Either have the Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret!

Peace Out — PYRO

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