A Disco Sighting at Dolly!

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  • When: 1/28/17
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Disco, PUD

4 pax posted in the weekend gloom for an extra early double down treat before Anchor.  Jumanji handed YHC the reins whilst standing in the parking lot, citing something lame about not knowing his way around downtown.  Hence the following beatdown originated on the fly.  The mumblechatter was epic, and the highlights have been reproduced to the best of YHC’s memory interspersed below.

  • Warmup lap around the block with butt kicks, high knees, karaokes

The Thang

  • Main St. bridge was closed, so we took the Acosta across the river
  • Burpeecides on north end of bridge – 3 ascending turnaround points on DT Jax’s steepest section of bridge, 5 burpees at the bottom each time, x2 full rounds
    • PUD: “That tequila last night was a bad idea…”
  • Stop in front of Moran Center front steps, 10 Derkins, 10 Irkins, repeato
    • Disco: “I feel like I’m being punished for all the times I missed.”
    • YHC (en route to Stagecoach): “You asked for parking garages, so I’m giving you the crown jewel of Kessel.”
    • Disco: “Speaking of crowning, something’s on its way out, and I’m not pregnant.
    • YHC: “We can fill in the dots.”
    • Disco: “Oh it’ll be more than dots, I’ll be pooping Morse code, with lots of dashes.”
  • Arrive at Stagecoach – run the ramps, 10 Merkins on even floors, 10 squats on odd floors (50 total of each)
  • Regroup on the roof
    • Drone: “Congratulations, you have reached the summit!”
    • Jumanji: “I feel like there should be a cairn of rocks and a Tibetan monk praying up here.”
  • Down the stairs
    • YHC: “Disco, how long would it take to get back the way we came? (No more than 15 minutes was the answer)  Good, then we have time for a trip back up the stairs!”
    • Jumanji: “If Drone ever asks how long you think it will take to get back, the answer is always 30min. ALWAYS!”
  • Up 10 flights of stairs and back down
    • Disco: “We should start a warning system whenever he has the Q: The Drone is coming! The Drone is coming! One if by ramps, two if by stairs!”
  • Return to Friendship Fountain via Acosta Bridge
    • Jumanji: “I’ve figured out the four types of people that are out downtown at this time of morning. There’s the people who are exercising, the people who have to work, the people who have been out all night partying and haven’t made it home yet, and the people who don’t have a place to go.”
    • Disco: “Yep, you’re totally a zookeeper.”
    • YHC: “Do you have Latin names for all of them?”
    • Jumanji: “Well the first group is Fartsackus Conquerus.”
    • Disco: “Is that derived from the original Sanskrit?”
    • YHC: “And the partiers are SadClownicus Intoxicus.”
Sweaty Moleskin
  • Great to have Disco back, even though some pax still doubt his existence since he wasn’t able to stay for Anchor.  He’s becoming the mythical, elusive leprechaun of F3 Jax.
  • The mumblechatter was off the scale this morning, thanks in large part to Disco’s corny contributions.  We’ve missed your wit!
  • PUD was relatively quiet this AM, probably silently shaking his head in disappointment at what the younger generation has become (yes, Jumanji, I’m lumping you into the bearded and mustachioed Millennials cohort).
  • Great “warmup” for Anchor, which YHC sadly had to miss as well.  Strong work by all!

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