The Extra Mile

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  • When: 1/28/17
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Blart, Bing, Pud, Jumanji, Toxic, Burmease Python, Eileen, LIFO, Hollywood

Being a HIM requires more than just being strong for you, but to help others in their times of need.  We are called to live for something/someone other than ourselves.

As our motto states, “Get Better” is not just lip service.  To put this to the test, we revisited this beatdown from a year ago, where we completed a total of 500 reps.  We added two to each exercise to push us over that.  Getting better requires work, right?

Unfortunately, a few PAX were scared of what HB might have planned.  Two fingers at me, two fingers at you, Drone and Disco.

The Thang

Warm Up -All IC x20



Don Quixote


LBAC f/b

Moroccan Night Club

Mountain Climbers

Indian Run to Moo Moo park

So to set the scene, eight park benches held our workout future as each listed 2 exercises and the transition to the next bench. Partner up!

All exercises x32 OYO

Bench 1

Carolina Dry Docks

Hydraulic Squats

Backward run

Bench 2

Smurf Jacks

Monkey Humpers

Duck walk

Bench 3



Empty wheelbarrow

Bench 4

Jump Ups

Step Ups

Crab Walk

Bench 5

Bulgarian Split Squats

Mexican Jumping squats

One legged hops

Bench 6


Partner Jumps

Crawl Bear

Bench 7


Reverse Lunges

Bear Crawl

Bench 8

Scissor Lunges

Gorilla Humpers

Broken Wheelbarrow

Ok, bc we ONLY did 512 reps but seemed like so much more.

Mosey w, backwards, karaoke, and a short sprint back to the ANCHOR for a little Mary.

Captain Therkin for the finish. 5/20 w 5 Merkins in between.



Going the extra mile is what we train for.  I challenged the PAX to find what their extra mile looked like this week to bless someone else.  Can’t wait to hear.

Prayers and announcements.

Trinity Rescue 2/3.

Prayers for Bings daughters (bongs?) auditioning at LaVilla and DA.

It is a Priviledge,


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