“Just like Ragu sauce”

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  • When: 02/06/17
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Barker, Jumanji, FarahNFarah, Toxic

When you have the likes of Toxic in your midst, you are always in for a treat.  He was in his normal form (sans bathrobe) this morning and named the Beatdown.  To understand the reason, you’ll just have to read the whole BB.

Conditions: Perfect 50 degrees

The Thang

We started the week off trying to overcome some of our “Super”eating decisions from last night or at least the YHC did.

Warm up IC x15

Seal Jacks


Reachers/Cotton Pickers

Little baby arm circles forward

Big arm circles forward

11s were on the menu today

Burpees on one side of the court (bear crawl to the other side) 10

Jump Squats on the other (run back)1

Mosey to the concession stand

Wall walkers

Showgirls Partner Up Partner A does a wall sit, Partner B does dips on the knees of Partner A, while one PAX runs to a point and back.  Rotate until everyone runs.

Mosey to pavilion

PAX all chose a picnic table and we performed an exercise in a circle x3

“Yamo Be There” was the name because we hopped up and over each of the six picnic tables.

Rinsed and repeated the Wall Walkers

Mosey backwards to the lot and then regular to the playground.

6 pack with Pull Ups and Leg Lifts, up and back down.


25 American Hammers + 26 in honor of SB 51.


Never bend your head, Always hold your head high, Look the world straight in the eye. -Helen Keller

When life gets hard, don’t quit or look down. As a Christian, we are not immune to defeat in this world, but we know the One whom has overcome it.

Prayers for Barker as he is has his good days and bad days with the loss of his son.

Toxic injected a little levity by saying that joy and peace are within you when you have the Holy Spirit.  “It’s like Ragu sauce, its all in there.”

Privilege is mine


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