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  • When: 02/13/17
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Balut, Farah&Farah (respect, respect), Bing, Burmese Python, Hollywood, Jumanji

And the cars kept coming…breaking a long-standing GENESIS record with 7 PAX rallying in the gloom (even missing a regular- TOXIC. A silver alert has been released). YHC is well known for making Qs up on the fly- Adaptive Q-ing that attempts to hit that sweet spot of mumblechatter- barely enough breath in the lungs to chatter occasionally, but chatter is still possible (or it’s laziness and poor planning). With that 7th PAX YHC felt the pressure to step it up from the normal easing into the week Monday work. It went something like this *numbers and some exercises have been changed to protect the innocent*


  • 10 burpees OYO
  • 8 tempo merkins IC
  • 10 Balut planks OYO
  • 10 Michael Phelps IC
  • 15 prisoner squats IC
  • 25 monkey humpers OYO

Mosey down the lane for Jurpees- 10 burpees with ascending squat jump part of the burpee 1-10

Mosey to the building for two rounds of balls to the walls walk (crowd pleaser; thanks HB)

Mosey to the picnic shelter for 20 Hesienberg Step-ups and some Ducks Face the Water (duck walk facing north around 4 pillars with 10 box jumps on the benches at each pillar)

Mosey down the lane for Groinees- 10 burpees with ascending groiner part of the burpee 1-10

Bear crawl to lightpost, lunge walk to next post, crab walk to next post

Mosey down the lane for Burp and Merk- 10 burpees with ascending merkin part of the burpee 1-10

Mosey back toward the football field for a little Mary-

  • 15 flutter kicks IC to 15 Hello Dolly IC to 15 Rosalita IC
  • 20 LBCs to 15 Freddy Mercuries to 10 left lifts OYO

Mosey to the playground for a 6 pack- pull-ups and diamond merkins up; chin-ups and hand release merkins down

Wait- is that a hula hoop some caring child left for us? Line up- first PAX hulas (or attempts it) while others do Iron Mikes- down the line until all PAX have gone (gold medal to Balut for hula hips)

Wait- is that a dollar store ball that some caring child left for us? A PAX kicks the ball and calls a mode of locomotion and an exercise once we reach the ball- memory is foggy here- broad jumps, frog jumps, backwards run, jump squats, monkey humpers, all come to mind.

COT/BOM- Great to see that 7th PAX in the Monday gloom (ha ha Kessel Run- take that). Prayers for two impending surgeries this week- Bing and Cousin Eddy; continued prayers for OTC and SeatDown.

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