Hard Work>Luck

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  • When: 02/16/2017
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Eileen, Synapse(respect), Snuffalafagus(respect), LIFO, Big Bird, Boucher, Feud, PUD, Drone

11 PAX braved the Florida winter to get better this morning.  We revisited the crowd favorite “Lucky Horseshoe” just to see how far we have come.  Missing lots of F3 faithful but we pressed on because it’s, well, Thursday

Conditions: Nipply 50ish =Perf

Warm Up

All IC x15

Mummy Runs


Backwards AC

Don Quixotes

+10 Burpees for Boucher.  Sorry, not hating, just respecting the rules.

The Thang

Lucky Horseshoe

All exercises x20 adding a new one after each round. The round is complete after your lap.

Lap 1 Merkins (Wide, Regular, Diamond, Stagger L/R)
Lap 2 Merkins/WWI sit ups
Lap 3 Merkins/WW1 Sit ups/Dips (Raise 1 leg alternating)
Lap 4 Merkins/WW1/sit ups/Dips/Sumo Squats (w/leg lifts)
Lap 5 Merkins/WW1 sit ups/Dips/Sumo Squats/Lunges (Alt. F/B/R/Side)
Lap 6 WW1 sit ups/Dips/Sumo Squats/Lunges
Lap 7 Dips/Sumo Squats/Lunges
Lap 8 Sumo Squats/Lunges
Lap 9 Lunges
Lap 10 Victory Lap

Plank til the 6.

All finished which is HUGE! Never happened for the whole group w/ YHC.

Mosey to the playground. Circle up.

“Always try to leave something better than you found it.”

With that in mind, we had 100 merkins to complete.  However, I gave the PAX 2 minutes to gather up trash and return it to the pavilion. For every piece, we subtracted off the total.  We complete 60 Merkins. Nice work.

Mosey to the lot for Mary

Ring of Fire

Flutter Kicks x5

Protractor (counting to 5)

Pretzel Crunches L/R x20 OYO.


“You will get to success faster through failures than you will with excuses.” John Maxwell


Prayers for Seatdown, Cousin Eddie, Bing, OTC, and the Lost PAX.

Specific prayers for Drone and Courtney +2.0 and 1.75? Overcoming sickness, worry, fear, and fatigue.

Prayers for LIFO’s MIL, with Parkinson’s and the ebbs and flows of that disease

Prayers for Feud and his family dealing with the loss of the MIL and clearing out the house.  Emotional roller coaster ahead.  Strength for Feud to be there for all.

Don’t be a hog or hoarder for F3.  Bring a friend, enemy, neighbor, stranger.

Priviledged to Serve,



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