Not another triangle

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  • When: 2/18/2017
  • The PAX: Snuffaluffagus (respect), Seatdown (welcome back), City Slicker (welcome back), Burmese Python, Osceola (welcome), Jockstrap (welcome back), Beebo (welcome), Feud, Balut, Heisenburg, FarahnFarah, Bowzer, BigBird, PUD, LIFO

The JAX PAX welcomed a few visitors (15 in total) in YHCs return to Qing.  No one really knew what was going to happen – will it be easy? You decide

Welcome/Disclaimer – and a call for YHC to use an outside voice.

  • Makhtar N’dyiayes – 5 IC x2 first time start with right arm, second time start with leg arm
  • Wonderbra – 15 ic
  • merkin – 8 ic
  • imperial walker – 15 ic
  • crunchy frog 10 ic

YHC placed cones in a triangle shape, SeatDown correctly guessed, the Jacksonville Isoceles Triangle of Death.  PAX counted off by 3’s went to number cone and were directed to go in various direction.

1.Bear crawls between cones, 1 burpee at cone 1, 2 at cone 2….up to 10 (BigBird though it shoudv’e counted down from 10).

Move cones further away by 5 or so feet.

2. Power skip between cones – 1 Jump squat at cone 1, up to 10.

Move cones further away by 5 feet.

3. Backwards run between cones – 5 LBCs up to 50 at last cone.

Move cones further away by 5 feet.

4. Run between cones 1 merkin up to 10.

Bring cones closer together.

5. Backwards run 50 LBCs down to 5.

Bring cones closer together.

6. Power skip – Jump squats 10 to 1.

Bring closer even closer.

7. Bear crawls with burp-n-merk startign with 10 merkins down to 1.

There was still time left for a Ring of Fire – 7 flutters kicks.

Lindsay Lohan.

Welcome and Welcome back to – Jockstrap, Beebo, Osceola, City Slicker, Seat Down.

I am truly greatful for this bunch of guys, always checking on me at each post. Making sure all was well.  During the 2 months or so while all I could do was walk until the doctor gave the all clear, you think about many things.  One thing I kept going to, was the little things in marriage that each person does day to day.  You might not think it’s major, but the spouse might not know all the details.  Us for example, we have a separate account for kids school and insurance and other little items. I take care of this. When i was in hopistal, my M said. I don’t know what all you on that front.  Likewise, she does many things on school front, or doctors whenever I have to do one of those…it’s quicker for her to do it than explain to me.  We need to be more open/patient and keep each other in the loop.

Prayers – OTC/SeatDown/Bing/CousinEddie/BigBird



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