Welcome to the Library

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  • When: 02/23/17
  • The PAX: Snuffaluffagus (respect) Hacker (welcome, respect), Eileen, Heisenberg, Feud, Drone, BigBird, Synapse (respect), PUD, LIFO

We post near a library but rarely utilize it in our workouts. This workout is #4 of 5 of a Bigbird/LIFO consecutive beatdown.  Drone wondered if there were animals involved.

Welcome Hacker from F3 Davidson.


  • Welcome
  • disclaimer
  • only a 5 burpee penalty for Hacker’s late arrival, gave him benefit of doubt as he is a visitor.
  • All 10 IC with no recovery – LBAC F, LBAC B, BAC F, BAC B,wonderbra, Chinook, cherry pickers up, cherry picker down, Moroccan nightclub.
  • Merkins 5 IC

Main Course

  • Mosey to loading dock (N side of library). Grumblings of box jumps came up..nope. Only a few can do it that high, and I ain’t one of them.
  • Bear crawl up the steps down the loading ramp on sidewalk to road. Chinook walk back to starting point. Rinse / Repeat 5x.
  • Mosey to road (W side of library)
  • Face the library – Monkey humpers 15 IC
  • Face the road – Proud pickle 15 IC
  • Face the library – pickle pounder 15 IC
  • BB situps 15 IC
  • WW1 situps 15 IC.
  • Run to corner then lunge walk entire sidewalk (S Side of library)
  • Crab walk forward down sidewalk, and up the ramp to front door of library (E side of library)
  • Dips on wall 15 IC
  • Irkins on wall 10 IC
  • Derkins on wall 3 IC (this low count shocked the PAX).
  • Crab walk backwards down ramp and down sidewalk.

There was talk about rinse and repeat PAX thought we were about to.

  • Mosey to parking lot of tennis courts on N side of library. There were parking lines about 6.
  • Suicides starting at 5 squat jumps on baseline, run to each line then to grass on other side, adding 5 each time. Going up to 40 (after 20, these started to suck).
  • Suicides walking while doing LBAC.  Everyone thought this would be a break, the walking…but it made the suicides go slower making you LBAC longer –which sucked.


  • Mosey around the library to pavillion
  • Calf raises 25 IC
  • LBC 25 IC
  • Step ups on bench 10 each leg
  • Derkins (remainder of 7 IC from before)
  • Calf raises 25

After dinner

  • Prayers – OTC (family), SeatDown (Family), Pryo (health), Bing (injury), Toxic (health), SOC (travelling), Synapse (travelling), Bigbird (job), PUD/Boucher/Jumanji/LIFO (GoRuck this weekend).
  • Welcome Hacker! Welcome back Drone!
  • Trinity serving next Friday 3/3.  Don’t forget BOGO cereal.
  • March Q schedule is up Bigbird and YHC told to stand down.


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