Down at the End of Lonely Street

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  • When: 02/21/17
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Snuffy, Feud, LIFO, Jumanji, Heisenberg, Brief, Bowser, PUD, Boucher, Synapse, Eileen, BigBird

5:30 a.m. rolled around with 10 people posting for a BigBird style beat down. YHC had decided on a field trip to a location we had visited on our Monday runs but not on our weekly boot camps. As we went to leave for our field trip 2 more PAX showed up so we wagon wheeled around the parking lot to catch them, and off we went.

We were heading towards the King Ave. parking garage at the Homewood Suites. Along the way we paused to get in SSH x 15 IC and then stop again for some Imperial Walkers x 15 IC. After the just over a quarter mile mosey we arrived at the garage and knocked out 10 burpees for those who arrived late.

Before the pax stood a beautiful 5 story parking garage. Feud mentioned that he could have parked and met us at the garage (he parks there for work) if he would have known we were coming there, but where’s the fun in that? It was at this point the fun really began:

The Thang

The first bit of fun at the garage we had was a parking garage suicide going up there stair case. Think basic suicide but on a stair case. Go up to first floor then run back down, go up to second floor back down, etc all the up to the top of the garage and back down. Each time we reached the ground floor we performed 10 big boy sit ups before running the next set of the suicide. Plank for the six.

At this point we got our first train of the morning so we performed our 10 burpees to honor the train.

Next we bear crawled to the top of the garage via the stairs (crowd pleaser), performed 15 hand release merkins, jogged back down the stairs, and performed 15 more hand release merkins. Plank for the six.

Our final trip up involved bunny hopping up the stairs (this took some coordination), 15 monkey humpers at the top, jog back down the stairs, 15 monkey humpers at the bottom. Plank for the six.

It was at this point that YHC shifted the focus from the stairs to the ramps. Our next adventure was backwards running up the ramps and moseying the straights all the way to the top of the garage. This was definitely a crowd pleaser because YHC forgot the ramps in this garage are LONG (I also forgot to look out for the trailer hitch that I ran into). Once to the top of the garage we duck walked from the end of the ramp to the wall of the garage. YHC once again underestimated just how far this distance was. The burn was GOOODD! Once to the wall we performed a wall sit with 20 overhead claps. Jog back to the end of the ramp and plank for the six.

At this point in time YHC determined that we had not done enough crab walking in this workout. We began to crab walk across the top floor of the garage. About halfway across we switched to hermit crabs and the intent was to change directions of the hermit about halfway to the staircase, but time was running out to get back to the AO.


At this point YHC called an audible and told the pax to meet him at the bottom of the stairs. This was when we heard the train whistle in the distance. The problem is the train tracks stand between us and the AO. Unfortunately the train made it to the crossing before we did. So what do we do? Honor this train with 10 more burpees. Train still coming. We hit the 6 and did 25 LBC’s and 25 Freddy Mercury’s in cadence. Train still coming and at this point YHC is weighing his options because it was almost 0615. Thanks to some quick thanking by Jumanji we went ahead and performed the COT and BOM at the train crossing. Train still coming and its about 0617. At this point YHC apologized but thankfully the pax were forgiving and understanding of things out of the Q’s hands. Train still coming so we performed 25 calf raises IC. Luckily this was where the train ended and we jailbroke for home (Snuffy cheating and getting a slight head start.


This was a fun and challenging workout. YHC looked at it as an opportunity to do something a little bit different. And any time I hear, “Can we ban BigBird from the Q schedule,” I consider it a good workout. As I said we had visited this garage before (thanks to Drone striking a friendship with the guard), but it lacked a quirky nickname like our other garages (The Stein and Stagecoach). After some quick brain storming on Twitter from Drone and YHC we affectionately deemed this garage Heartbreak Hotel.


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