Bowzer’s VQ Game of Groans

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  • When: 2/28/17
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Snuffy, respect, Pyro, Lifo, FNG: Doggie Howzer(Welcome) Pud, Eileen, SOC, Feud, Big Bird, Heisenberg, Jumanji, FarrahandFarrah, Double respect, Bowzer.

13 brave and mighty Pax, including 1 FNG (my 2, Doggie Howzer) gathered in the gloom for YHC’s VQ! YHC was agog with anticipation, feeling all Sally Field, “Will they like it? Will they really like it?” We would soon find out as the field was set and the Pax were attentive.  Special thank you to Jumanji who must have been reading my mind that I was hoping someone would be late.


SSH IC x15

Reachers IC x 15

Hillbillies IC :15

The Snuffy. (This was a new exercise invented to pay homage to our beloved Snuffalufagus. It’s a combination of a Chinook and a vertical Pickle Pounder. For those who were present for his Super Bowl of Pain Q, you get it. Tclaps to Farrah and Farrah for embracing the exercise with vim and vigor. Perhaps too much of it. IC X 15

Merkins 15 OYO

Burpee 1 oyo

Trying to be clever, YHC originally thought he would have the counts for the activities add up to 51 to coincide with his new age. Perhaps adrenilne kicked in, because the above counts are clearly more than 51. Either that or the fact that YHC was a theatre major by design to avoid having to do complex math.

Mosey to the field for:

The Thang:

The Pax divided up into 3 teams for 3 rounds of Human Hungry Hippo. The rules were simple. In a relay style timed event the Pax would sprint to the center bucket and pull out a SINGLE poker chip! Perhaps the excitement of it all got to the best of the Pax as they shoved their meaty claws and pulled out handfuls of chips. (maybe not handfuls.) The rest of the Pax did squats as they waited their turn to sprint.

The winner of each round selected the reward:

Round 1

Mountain Climbers x 15; Lunges 10 each leg, Flutter kicks x 30. Run around the field repeat.

YHC received a phone call from the Prez asking for a team change. Whoever most resembled the commander in chief had to switch. Mumble chatter.

Round 2

Squats, Merkins, Lbc’s each x 15. Run around the field and repeat

YHC received a another phone call from the Prez asking for a team change. Whoever most resembled the first daughter had to change teams. No questions asked how teams came up with this decision. No judgments either.

Round 3

Burpees X 10, Jump squats x 15, Touch em heels x 30. run around the field x 30.

There was significant chatter, but YHC was too busy focusing on breathing and looking good for his 2 to notice.

Mosey to the Pavilion for 5  card stud of pain!

In the same team, Pax bear crawled and each picked a playing card from about 10 yards away and sprinted back until 5 cards were gathered. They then performed the following exercises x 2:

Hearts : Dips x 20

Clubs : Monkey Humpers x20 (interesting  story about my 2’s encounter with these. Will not share here as it would be indelicate)

Diamonds: Big Boy sit ups x 20

Spades: Step ups 10 each leg. Did not distinguish betwixt regular or Heisenberg step ups. My bad.

10 Burpess to honor Jumanji’s tardiness. (yesssssssss)

Ring of fire

Flutter kicks all around to the count of 7. Mumblechatter from Heisenberg as to why the number 7. Why not? Next time I’ll be more creative.

Lindsay Lohan.

Then just when you thought it was safe to run to the flag……10 Burpees to honor the train. This YHC believes caused the most mumble chatter as it came after a Lindsay Lohan. But in my heart of hearts YHC believes she would have had it no other say.


YHC read an excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt’s Man in the arena speech. As men, we all get beat down in the various roles we play in life. It is the true man who never gives up and gets back in the fight as father, husband, provider etc. F3 is a fantastic reflection of why we do this.

Announcements and prayer requests for those in  need, Seatdown, OTC. Job interviews. Friday is coming for those who can volunteer at Trinity. Cereal and hot food are always needed. Thanks to Big Bird for bringing that up!

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