Combine Weinke

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  • When: 03/06/17
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Burmese Python, Balut, Jumanji

YHC stayed up until the wee hours of Sunday night writing out his Weinke for GENESIS to………yeah not so much. YHC rolled out, surveyed the PAX, saw a total of 4 ready and willing for something difficult so- off we went.


  • Michael Phelps x 20 IC to warm-up
  • Ascending Burp and Merks 1-10 to get warmer

Grab your partner and carry him to the first parking island; flap jack and carry to the next island

Bball courts-

  • Broad jump suicides with 20 BB situps at the baseline
  • Partner carry down the court, flapjack and back
  • Partner wheel-barrow down the court, flapjack and back
  • Backwards run suicide with 7 diamond merkins at the baseline

Combine training-

  • Box drill: backwards run, side shuffle, sprint, karoake x 2
  • Bearcrawl box drill: same as above in break crawl position x 2
  • Bball court dash x 2
  • Vertical jump (5 pulse squats and then jump and slap the backboard (if able)) 6 sets
  • 25 iron cross each partner
  • Defensive back- backward run to foul line, turn and run to opposite corner of court

To the pavilion-

  • 10 box jumps to the top of the table
  • wall walkers down the bathroom
  • 10 bench-bees, wall walker, bear crawl around the bathroom

Get your partner back to the flag (both groups chose carries versus wheelbarrow for some weird reason.

Mary- 20 flutter kicks IC, 20 LBCs IC, 15 Hello Dollys IC

Strong work done by all.

COT/BOM- OTC, SeatDown, Toxic, Bing, Cousin Eddy

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