Hillbillies and Cucarachas Muertas

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  • When: 3/14/17
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Farrah and Farrah - Double respect, Bing, Pyro, Big Bird, Jumanji, Synapse - Respect, Snuffy - Respect, LIFO, SOC, Pud, Drone, Corey(FNG) Shamwow!, Bowzer

Drone invited and we welcomed an FNG – Shamwow!  YHC got a scootch nervous that the Q may not be all that and a bag of chips for an FNG. I decided against the Snuffy as a warm up, because well…it just may not fly well with a new guy.. too soon.We’ll see.

The Warm up-

So being as it is the week of St. Patty’s day, YHC wanted to incorporate some type of Irish Drinking song in which everytime the word “Whiskey” is sung, the Pax would complete a burpee.  Not having much success with finding a song that conveyed the right mood, I shifted gears and selected Wagon Wheel by the Old Crow Medicine Show. I  love those guys. We started off doing SSH until the burpee section (ROCK ME), but then in the second verse YHC was overcome with the desire….no wait…the compulsion to do Hillbillies. It just felt organic! And then the squats! I felt as if I should have been a choreographer.  And then as if time flew, the song was over and we had completed 19 glorious burpees.  (I suppose we should have done some more due to Drone being late.)

The Thang:

When YHC lived in Lakewood, we had many fond memories of San Marco, so as Q, I decided to take a jaunt down memory lane…to remanence about the old days.  We started off by a brief mosey to the location of the old La Napolera. Once I ate there and swear I saw a dead cockroach lying close to a bowl of chips.  So to kill that memory with a set of 20 Cucarachas Muertas and some merkins for good measure.  Somewhere during the activity, someone (maybe Big Bird) decided to emit some man-made Raid. That was gross. Really, really gross.

To run from the effects of said offensive olfactory abuse, we power skipped across the parking to the Olive Tree. We used to eat there two. Perhaps the waiter at La Nop transported the deceased insect there, so we did another round in honor of Nekri Katsarida x 20 and then some more merkins.

Mosey to Tropical Smoothie and find a chair.

YHC is not a huge fan of TS, but it is a memory so the Pax all did two rounds of chair dips and 10 step ups on each leg. I saw many Pax bustin’ the Heisenberg step up out! Some mumble chatter going on and Jumanji doing some weird things in his chair. I have to blot that out.

Next we took a jaunt across the street to the Bold Bean Coffee shop for what YHC had thought would be a great time to introduce the Snuffy to the FNG. But alas! They were closed! What the what?  So we did two rounds of derkins/irkins and pretzel sit ups.

So then we parlayed over to the corner of Atlantic and Hendricks for a round of Monkey Humpers, sit ups and calf raises. Mad dash to the next corner and repeat.  Not sure how ShamWow is doing.

Jaunt to Balis Park for some wall sits with over head claps.  YHC got lost in thought, because I forgot to tell everyone to recover. We were so close to Maple street Biscuits. Maybe that was it.

A round of box jumps and what not at the fountain gave way to lunge walks to the statue for some more dips. Lunge walk back.  Pax then began the way back to the AO. We stopped somewhere for more situps.  It was at this point SOC made mention of the time so YHC declared jail break.

Well Jumanji, Drone and their ilk disappeared from my site in short order. The rest caught up as time ran out.


Welcome to Corey FNG who quickly got the moniker Shamwow for his wonderful infomercial on the banking industry. Lots of prayers for job interviews and the standing requests for Cousin Eddy, OTC, Seatdown and SOC’s family member.

A good time was had by all, even though it was not a merlot inducing Q. (Working on it!)


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