Scrawny to Brawny

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  • When: 03/23/17
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Barker, Pyro, Big Bird, S.O.C., Drone, ShamWow, Synapse (RESPECT), Bowzer (RESPECT), Lifo, Snuffy (RESPECT), PUD

11 Pax showed in in the gloom looking for a beat down!  Some looking a little lost and some were coupon free.  Luckily extra coupons were brought and we were all ok to share.  After a little personal debate, I opted to leave the 45’s at home for this session.

The requested coupon workout was designed to turn our bodies from “Scrawny to Brawny”.  Needless to say, it’ll take more than one or two coupon workouts to get the job done!  Feel free to rinse & repeat on your own.  The below lays out “Phase 1”.  I’ve got two other workouts in mind to cover additional phases that will involve legs, chest & arms… if only there were a few Q slot’s open!


20 Side Straddle hops IC

20 Toy Soldiers IC

20 Cherry Pickers / Cotton Pickers / Reachers IC

20 Mountain Climbers OY

20 Hillbillies IC

10 Burpees  OY

10 More Burpees Courtesy of Drone’s alarm clock!! OY 


How to Do it? For any exercise w a rep range that starts w the largest number, use a pyramid method.  If it says 10 to 5 rep’s, start w 10 reps for your 1st set & then increase the weight & do fewer reps in each subsequent set.  Our end goal: Was to do our last one or two sets w the heaviest weight that allowed us to complete the lowest number of prescribed reps. Since some PAX only had 10 or 15 lbs there was limited opportunity to effectively work the pyramid.  That said, I think all PAX put some work in as was evidence by the sweat on each brow and the occasional grunt… there may have even been a whimper?

  • Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch (3 Sets : 10-5 Reps : 1 min Rest)
    • Pax did well with this one.  As weight increased, some Pax had questionable form.  Overall, well done!
  • Rear Lat Raise (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
    • Overall Pax rocked this one as well!
  • Lat Raise (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
    • Lat Raise or “Mr T” gave Pax some trouble.  I opted not to use the 30’s on this one!
  • Dumbbell Curl  (3 Sets : 6-10 Reps : NO Rest)
    • Curls for the Girls is always a favorite.  Pax naturally rocked this one while looking to see if the attractive librarian was pulling into the parking lot to start her day!
  • Wrist Curl (3 Sets : AMAP : 30 Sec Rest)
    • Some Pax performed w forearms resting on their legs while others utilized the bench.
  • Single Dumbbell V-Up (3 Sets : 15 Reps : 10 Sec Rest)
    • Feeling this one a little bit if done properly… some Pax were encouraged to properly raise shoulders off the ground in an attempt to actually create a V!  Thinking we should have done this one for a minute straight for 3 rounds… mental note made!
  • Low Plank (3 Sets : 1 minute hold : 10 Sec Rest)
    • This was like a vacation!  recognizing that time was short, an audible was called to go 60 sec / then 45 sec / then 30 sec!
  • Side Plank (2 Sets : 1 minute hold each side : 10 Sec Rest)
    • Keep your darn hips in the air people!  Tighten that core & squeeze those cheeks!  We’ll done!
  • Dip (3 Sets : AMAP : 30 Sec Rest – While waiting for Dip Station)
    • Pax scrambled looking for the perfect place to dip! With no official dip station available, our resourcefulness was on full display!  After the other exercises, the dips were a bit of a challenge!  Well done… Some Pax modified by using the benches for some good ole tricep work!
  • Swing Jackknife (3 Sets : 15 Reps : 30 Sec Rest – While waiting for swing)
    • Mental note on this one… Bring your own swing next time!  Not sure if we all got out time in.  Some Pax were over achievers & modified while hanging from the jungle gym!

We broke into a free for all at the end due to the limited options for Dips & Swing Jackknifes.  

If anyone what’s to continue at home to finish the next two phases, here you go.  You may see these come around in a future Q!

  • Dumbbell Squat (5 Sets : 10-5 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Dumbbell Deadlift (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Walking Dumbbell Lunge (3 Sets : 20 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Single-Leg Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise (3 Sets : 20 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Barbell Bench Press one your 6 (5 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Pull up (5 Sets : 10 AMAP : 20 Sec Rest)
  • Military Press (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Knelling Supported Neutral Grip Dumbbell Row (5 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Dumbbell Shrug (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Merkin (3 Sets : AMAP : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Dumbbell Rollout (3 Sets : 10 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Weighted Sit Up (3 Sets : 15 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • Swing Jackknife (3 Sets : 15 Reps : 30 Sec Rest)
  • LBC’s (3 Sets : AMAP : 30 Sec Rest)

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