Arms Race- Day 2

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  • When: 04/11/17
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: FNG D. Rice (F3Paddy), Heisenberg, Pyro, Snuffy, Farah, Toxic, Bowser, Synapse, Brief, Drone, Big Bird, SOC, PUD, LIFO, Feud, Eileen, Jumanji

The fartsacks emptied as 17 PAX posted to ANTHILL for Day 2 of the #armsrace. The race was decreed by Drone when it was realized YHC, Drone, and Big Bird all had Qs on the same week. This created an instant competition to see who could dream up the hardest SmokeFeast for the PAX. A champion Q could only be crowned if a workout could produce a Blow Sherlot event. For the uneducated that is the cousin to spilling merlot, but involves the other end of the GI tract and a different body fluid. So YHC loaded up the Honda Fit with a mobile weight room and was off with a scream from the shocks and struts.


  • 5 SSH IC
  • 10 plank jack merkins IC
  • 10 prisoner squats
  • Ascending burpee suicides 5, 10, 15, 20; first done call an exercise for the hard-chargers until 6 is in

The Thang-

  • Wall walkers on one side of raquetball court, bear crawl around to start point
  • Bravo Wilco Delta: partner up and chose a weight equal to your manhood (#30, #35, #40); as a team complete a Block Webb 1 to 20. One partner works on the Bravo Wilco while the other partner runs Dora style. While waiting for the 6 team some of the PAX did 20 step-ups, 15 derkins and 15 irkins
  • Collapse the pairs to 4 teams of 4 with each team having a barbell and a plate. Mosey to the basketball court for: relay races. 2 cycles of man 1 hair-burners, man 2 dumbell swings, man 3 squat jumps, man 4 air chair. 2 cycles of man 1 hair-burners, man 2 curls for the girls, man 3 diamond merkins, man 4 merkins.

COT/BOM- prayers for the list (OTC, SeatDown, Bing, Cousin Eddy) and for LIFO and Feud’s peoples.

2 year Anniversary workout Saturday, 4/22/17 0700 at Memorial Park in Riverside. Dolly departing from the same AO at 0545


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