The Arms Race Escalates: Birthday Q at Misadventure Landing

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  • When: 4/13/17
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Jumanji, Big Bird, PUD, SOD, Grease (FNG), Synapse, Eileen, LIFO, Feud, Boucher, Bowzer, Snuffy, Pyro, Paddy

With the aroma of singed hair still lingering from Jumanji’s admirable Q attempt on Tuesday, the pax girded their loins for the BOHICA edition of F3 Jacksonville’s unofficial #Armsrace, brought to you by Jumanji, Big Bird, and YHC.  Let the games begin…


27 x Imperial Walkers (IC) – the obligatory allusion to YHC’s new age

Mucho Chesto (OYO)

10 x Burpees (OYO) – courtesy of Pyro

The Thang:

Mosey to racquetball court

  • 10 x Burpees – Q felt that the pax were still in a Dutch oven fog from the fartsack and needed a little fire lit under them due to the slow mosey pace
  • Ascending Testicles – 10 Merkins w/ feet on wall @ 15 degrees, 10 @ 30 degrees, 10 @ 45 degrees, 10 @ Ballz 2 Da Wallz
  • Wall plank/Lunge – half of pax on each wall, one group holds plank with feet on wall while other group lunges across court and back – 2 rounds

Mosey to basketball court, partner up

  • Broad Jump Burpeecides – Partner 1 does Peter Parker Merkins while P2 broad jump burpees to foul line and back; switch, P1 BJBs to foul line and back; repeat to half court, opposite foul line, opposite baseline (#crowdpleaser)

One partner buddy carries other to the playground

  • Each pair teams up with another pair
  • Frog party – While one pair is doing pull ups, other pair leapfrogs around the sidewalk perimeter of the playground; after a full lap, flapjack with first pair.

Q called an audible due to time and omitted round 2 (partner wheelbarrows), mosey to parking lot

Go-Kart time trial – YHC made this one a little unnecessarily complicated, but it still served its purpose.  With Jumanji and Big Bird’s oversized blueberry cars and YHC’s normal-sized car parked around the parking lot island, rotating teams of 3 were tasked with pushing them in neutral for a full lap.  When not pushing, rotate through Dive Bombers, Burpees, and Mountain Climbers until another team finishes a lap and tags out.

Sweaty Moleskin:

  • The ongoing goal of the #armsrace, which originated accidentally (the best completely stupid and utterly pointless competitions usually do), is for the Q to make one of the pax “Blow Sherlot” (pronounced sher-LOW) (or is it Sharlot?) – a newly adapted term implying spilling Merlot… from the other end of the gastrointestinal tract.  The things we come up with in our spare time on Slack.  So far, both Q’s have come up empty handed, so it’s up to Big Bird to make it happen at Anchor.
  • “He’s an angry birthday Q!” ~Heisenberg during the second set of burpees
  • With three cars parked in the driving lanes of the parking lot, a large garbage truck pulled in while the pax were at the basketball court.  Jumanji went to see if the cars needed to be moved, and announced on his return that everything was fine, the driver just picked up Big Bird’s car and threw it in the dumpster to make room.

Thoughts & Prayers

  • Snuffy’s daughter – flu
  • Boucher’s nephew passed away at 3 days old due to congenital heart issue, prayers for family
  • Continued prayers and support for SeatDown, OTC
  • Mud Run May 20th, register by April 30th
  • 2nd F lunch tomorrow, 1200 at La Nop in San Marco, see Pyro for deets

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