A Heavy Trip Down Memory Lane

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  • When: 4/25/17
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Pyro, Bowzer, Heisenberg, LIFO, Feud, Big Bird, Doc Okie, PUD, SOD, Grease

On the official 2nd anniversary of F3 Jacksonville, 11 pax dug out their neglected rucksacks from dusty closet corners and set out on a trip down memory lane.  YHC had originally contemplated simply duplicating the Big Bang beatdown from Launch Day 2015 as a baseline test, but we are not the same men we were two years ago.  Many of us have shed weight, in some cases a lot of it (looking at you, Big Bird), and all of us are stronger physically and mentally than we were two years ago.

As a wise man once told us as green FNGs, “The workouts don’t get any easier, you just get stronger.”  Recycling the Big Bang was no longer likely to be sufficiently challenging, so how do we raise the bar?  Add 30 lbs, of course!

Warmup – COP (all IC):

10 x Burpees to honor the train (also a launch day tradition)

20 x SSH

15 x Squats

20 x Lunges

15 x Merkins

20 x LBCs

Mosey (not slowsey) to field baseline

The Thang:

Ark Loader: Bear crawl ~20 yds. to cone and back, crab walk ~20 yds. to cone and back

7’s: 6 sumo squats on baseline, 10 walking lunges out, 1 Werkin, 10 walking lunges back.  Repeato w/ 5/2, 4/3, etc. to 1/6

Mosey to playground

6-Pack (with ruck if possible): 5 pull-ups, 1 Merkin, 4/2, 3/3, 2/4, 1/5, plank for the 6

Mosey back to the Sandbox

5-min AMRAP – Round 1:

  • 1st cone – 10 Merkins
  • 2nd cone – 5 Burpees
  • 3rd cone – 10 Merkins
  • 4th cone – 5 Burpees
  • Run back to start, repeato

5-min AMRAP – Round 2:

  • 1st cone – 10 Big Boy Situps
  • 2nd cone – 5 V-Ups
  • 3rd cone – 10 BBS
  • 4th cone – 5 V-Ups
  • Run back to start, rinse and repeat

Mosey back to Phantom Shovel Flag

Time flies when you’re approaching muscle failure and #TLQ!  This was certainly a challenge worthy of the mighty Jax Pax, and one that very few of us would have been able to overcome on April 25, 2015.

As YHC thought back on the last two years, the thing about F3 that has had the biggest impact has been the depth of community.  God brought these men into YHC’s life at the perfect time, in a season where YHC and my M have been committed to a local church but have struggled to find and develop true, deep community there.

For YHC, the men of F3 have become my community to a large extent, and you have challenged YHC by your example as you function as servant leaders in everyday life.  From Snuffy consistently reaching out to MIA or injured pax to communicate care for them, to LIFO faithfully serving and bringing food almost every time we go to Trinity Rescue, to Pyro, Bowzer and Synapse meeting for a Bible study on Tuesdays, to Heisenberg challenging us to care for the homeless right around our AO and spearheading hurricane cleanup in his neighborhood, these are all high-caliber #HIMs who embody the ethos of F3 without seeking personal attention or glory.

As we enter this third year as a brotherhood, YHC would love for us to explore how we can grow deeper together, sharpen each other as #ISI, become more transparent and challenge each other to become the men we were created to be.  YHC is grateful to know and lock shields alongside each one of you.

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