’cause it’s Friday. You ain’t got no job… you ain’t got $% to do

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  • When: 04/28/17
  • QIC: Gnarly Goat
  • The PAX: Snuffy, Big Bird, Pud, Gnarly Goat

4 hard-chargers sallied forth for a Friday “special” in the pleasantly humid burg of Jacksonville with one out-of-towner Gnarly Goat at the conn.  Here’s ye olde THANG:

Front leaning rest for muster, instruction and inspection.  Activate the infamous American timer.  We’re off.

Joggy round the lot.

Circle up for…

25 x ssh

10 x wind mill

15 x ist

1 min invisible jump rope

15 x toy sailor

Mosey to a wall

Uh oh.  The train blew it’s whistle and frightened us into some burpees (Apparently a Jax tradition?  Admirably CSAUP).

Up on a wall of opportunity for back and forth 11’s with squats and… squats.

Joggy to a long lonesome highway for … THE MICHIGAN.

10 x 100 yd dash

8 x 80 yd dash

6 x 60 yd dash

4 x 40 yd dash

2 x 20 yd dash

Mosey over to ye old monkey bars for a slightly truncated version of the 50 in 5:  Pull-ups, chin-ups, commando ups, toe ups

Mosey to launch pad for Mary:

Big Bird goes Freddy Mercury, Pud goes LBC and Snuffy goes pickle-pounder (we like the cut of your jib Snuffy)

We threw in some stretches, and oh yeah, about 300 Americans.


Ye olde Moleskine:

YHC was that obnoxious guest who invites himself into town, parks his RV in front of your house and decides to have a party. Kind of like Cousin Eddie to Clark.  But it was a fine party with hard-chargers!

Blues Brothers quote:  “How often does that train go by?”  “So often you won’t even notice.”  Well, it went by on us, and apparently when it goes by, the locals knock out burpees.  When in Rome…

Nice work on the Michigan fellows.

What an amazing thing we have in F3.  A sojourner can hop online, otisBomb a workout, show up at 0530 and find other men willing to roll.  Amazing.  Just amazing.  Totally enjoyed the outing gents.  Friday workouts are the best (hint, hint).  Thank you.  Many prayers for the items we discussed in CoT.  Come see us in LKN anytime.

Goat sends.


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