What are you waiting for?

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  • When: 04/27/17
  • The PAX: Snuffy (Respect), Bowzer (Respect), Synapse (Respect), Toxic (Respect), Gecko (FNG – Joe Cusick), Feud, Drone, Pud, Sod, Grease, Big Bird, Bing, Dr. Okie, LIFO

Everyone including 1 FNG was welcomed to YHC’s first Q in year 3 of F3 Jacksonville.  We all have gotten better, stronger, wiser?.  I can personally say F3, saved my life (Thanks Bing and Heisenberg).


  • 10 merkins IC
  • 10 BBSU IC
  • 8 merkins IC
  • 8 BBSU IC
  • 6 merkins IC
  • 6 BBSU IC (at this point, Drone thought he had it figured out)
  • 5 merkins IC
  • 4 BBSU IC
  • 2 merkins IC
  • 2 BBSU IC

The Thang:

Mosey to Pavillion:

  • 10 Irkins
  • 10 calf raises
  • 5 step ups each leg
  • 10 irkins
  • 10 calf raises

Mosey to loading ramp:

  • bear crawl up steps, down ramp, and Chinook on road to starting point, rinse and repeat.
  • crab walk up ramp to steps (not down we aren’t coordinated enough), raise the roof to starting point, rinse and repeat.

Mosey to tennis court parking lot

  • LBAC-a-cides to each painted line (6 or 7) with many PAX there were many near collisions

Mosey to front of library on the street

  • Facing library – Monkey Humpers 15 IC
  • Facing street – Proud pickles 15 IC waited for garbage truck but he turned.
  • 10 burpees to honor the train.
  • Facing street – Pickle pounders 15 IC – cars were slowing due to train, we did get a honk or two.

Mosey to corner

  • Lunge walk on sidewalk, the length of the library
  • Duck walk up ramp to front door
    • Irkins 10 IC
    • derkins 10 IC
    • Side duck walk down the ramp (face the water?)

Mosey to playground

  • 6 pack
  • 2 easy mosey around playground
  • 5 pullups to honor Bowzer

Naked Moleskin:

YHC mentioned a book being read, Resisting Happiness. In it, when the author was younger a person in the church who was bringing him in took him to the town’s hospice and asked to visit someone who did not get many visitors. They spent an hour and just talked…for many weeks after he visited often. The people he visited loved it, and had stories to tell and just wanted to talk. When asked if they regretted anything, or anything they should have done there were many common themes.

  • I wish I spent more time with family
  • I wish I visited relatives more
  • I wish I could have done more with kids
  • I wish I could have taken some chances
  • I wish I could have volunteered more
  • I wish I could have spent more time in church

Why wait until you are about to pass from this life to do these things and more.

What are you waiting for?  Do something today, no matter how small you might think it is to you, it could be huge for someone else.

What are you waiting for?

Prayers to JAX PAX friends and family. Seat Down, OTC, Bing, Feud and others.

We welcomed Nature Boy’s father. Joe Cusick – a financial adviser, therefore – Gecko.


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