Striding in the Sky!

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  • When: 05/01/2017
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Drone, Big Bird

3 Hard Chargers showed up in the gloom to log some miles.  We missed the men from Venice Beach… rumor has it they were entering in a Body Building Contest!  We will all have to wait on the results!!


Took off running at 5:30 towards the Main Street Bridge on the way to Stage Coach… Butt Kickers & High Knees up the Bridge.


At Stage Coach we continued to run up the full garage (10 floors), yours truly was regretting the elevation climb but the youngsters took it in Stride and booked up those floors like they were being chased!

Once we reached open air we proceeded with an exercises designed to increase speed… “Strides”.

Strides are about 100m accelerations where you start at a jog, build to about 95% of your max speed, and then gradually slow to a stop. After coming to the conclusion that our initial measurement was a little short we rounded the corner to get a few extra steps in.  The top of Stage Coach has a natural incline which added to the fun of Strides.  We ran 10 Strides total with breaks for 10 seconds in the beginning but by the end we were taking a full 30 seconds.

On the final Stride, proceeded to floor 1 doing a nice mosey… seeing we had some time left, Q called for a trip up the stairwell… 10 flights of fun!  The 6 was falling behind the pace so a little positive talk (self talk mind you) got him up the stairs! Once we reached the top, we returned to the ground floor via the stairs and proceeded to run back over the Main Street Bridge.

Seeing we still had a little time to kill, we did wall sites for 1.5 minutes, followed by 50 LBC’s, followed by “Walking Deadlifts” from Pillar to Pillar.  Reaching the final pillar, we did 1 legged Wall Sits for 30 seconds, alternating legs.

This brought us to 6:15!


Walked to the cars!

COT to discussed upcoming mud run.

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