Solo Cup Suicides

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  • When: 05/01/2017
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Bing, FnF, Shredder, Stanky Legg

6 PAX said Yes to getting better even thought the pull of the Fartsack is at its peak on a Monday morning.

They knew something was odd when the YHC was directing traffic away from the freshly placed Red Solo Cup Cones in the lot.

Conitions: Perf

Attiudes: Suprisingly positive (2 fingers to you Jumanji, 2 fingers back at me)

The Thang

I was trying to mix it up from the tried and true and we were limitied by only 4 lines on the BBall court.  So, I enlisted a normally reserved item for parties to help us in our beatdown.  You can almost hear me singing in the background…

“Red Solo Cup, ….I’m gonna throw up, …..Heisenberg is farting!!”

Warm Up, all IC x15

Seal Jax


LBAC f/b

Moroccan Night Club


Mosied to Lot for Solo Cup Suicides

Lunge/Squat ladder- every 2 park spaces/up to 8, run back & plank

Burpee suicides- 2 spaces= 1Burpee—back- up to 8, run back & plank

Bear crawl/Merkin ladder- every 2 spaces/up to 16,


Mosey to field for Regal-Jack Webb Abs-1-Heels to Heaven= 4LBC

Up to 10 Heels to Heaven=40 LBC

To the Pavilion

Peoples Chair-Arm presses x15

PC w/one leg out x10 count, then opposite leg

Mosey to field for Mary

Circle up

Dollies x15

10 merkins on your own

Flutter x15

10 merkins on your own

Rosalita x15

10 merkins on your own

Bicycles x15

10 merkins on your own

Finished with Protractor Ring of Fire


Getting better/stronger is always for someone other than yourself.  We need to be ready for all circumstances and thankfully as members of F3, are getting there.  Recently, on my hiking trip, my friend went down (dehydrated, out of shape, cramping) and he was 2 miles from camp or help.  I had just finished my hike (just under 9 miles w/a 50lb pack) and heard the distress call.  FnF and I mounted up and went back to help.  We eventually hiked until dark logging 13+ miles.  I could not have been there for my brother without all the beat downs and accountability of my F’rs.  Thanks for helping me get to a level where my strength could be shared.

Prayed for Bing’s daughter and her acceptance to LaVilla and unspokens.

Always a priviledge



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