Burpees Bonanza

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  • When: 05/06/2017
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Drone, Disco, LIFO, Pud, Toxic, Xenu, Dr. Okie, Gekko, Hollywood, Big Bird, Snuffy, Pyro, FNG Elmo, Synapse, Bowzer, Boucher.

17 and a Feud posted for a glorious morning of fun in our new digs, MEMORIAL PARK. Something strange was in the air as the PAX had donned their winter gear for the gloom activities. (In other words, Disco had on his long Johns)

Conditions: 55 degrees of Awesomeness

Toxic- In full effect

FNG was spotted early on with his, “I just ate the last piece of cake” smile on his face.

Warm o Rama (all in IC x15)

Seal Jacks



LBAC f/b


Mummy Run

Indian Run to Riverside Park w/ a Rail Walk halfway.

Lots of good mumble as the air was frisky and so was disco

Once at the park, we duck walked around the playground while YHC strategized the next activity.

We then stayed down and crawled under everything at the playground with the exception of Big Bird’s shorts (we see that enough w/o trying)

Mosey back to Memorial Park for some Burpee fun. (That’s when we lost Feud)

Here’s the THANG

We had 3 die to help us choose our method of Burpee as well as the # of reps.

There were 11 versions of the said exercise and we tried to get to all but the odds were not in our favor.  Each number corresponds to a type of Burpee (2-12) Rolling 2 dice.  The third die rolled was multiplied x3.

The PAX were a little skeptical as the same thing was rolled x2 in the first two rounds, but their trust was re-established as rounds progressed.  Snuffy used his mad math skills to keep track so that we might donate to Cadre Daniel’s cause for charity.

2 Traditional
3 Ninja
4 Tuck Jump
5 Mountain Climber
6 Box Over Partner
7 Scissor Split
8 Groiner
9 Single Leg
10 Single Arm
11 Peter Parker
12 Broad Jump

Total Burpees donated 1870! Boom!

Took a break from the Burpee fest for a different kind of fun.

The Regal Jack Webb.

On your six and at a 1-4 ratio of Heels to Heaven and LBC’s.

Lots of love thrown my way as we hit the heart of our core.  Good times!

The fun didn’t end there as it was my call to revert back to the school yard and look as foolish as possible.  That’s usually Farrah’s role but he was dominating the geriatric olympics and didn’t post.

We lined up for Leap Frog across the whole park and learned NOT to look up as your F3 brethren are hurling themselves and their plums over you.

Finished the Burpee fun to clear 100 and then to the COP.

YHC favorite closer is the Protractor where each man in the circle calls out a degree 0-120 and the PAX hold until the next one is called.


Prayers and Praises for Feuds aunt recovery, Job the son of Grease Trap in Nashville.

Welcome FNG_Elmo “Shane Hitchcock” who happens to claim Bowzer as a friend.

Finally I challenged the PAX to find discipline in their life because without it we are lost.  See quote.

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.  If you have talent and you’ve seen a lot of movement, but little concrete results, you may lack self-discipline.” H. Jackson Brown

I challenged the PAX to find a couple of areas where they need more discipline and add it. (Getting up early, studying, finishing work on time)  Getting better is not just about your muscles, but also getting the most of your gifts(talents)

Priviledged to lead



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