Missing Anaconda

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  • When: 05/08/2017
  • QIC: Snuffleapagus
  • The PAX: Bowzer, Snuffleapagus (Snuffy)

Venice Beach coupon day our new weekly beat down.

Bowzer and Snuffy met a Friendship Fountain for some coupon work at our favorite beach. It was a beautiful morning of gloom filled with smoke from the wild fires in Georgia, as we made our way to the fountain the Kessel Run men took off on their Pre Mud Run training run.

We opted to leave Bowzers anaconda at home today, but we plan on making him a part of all beat downs going forward. As the beat down progressed YHC hadn’t planned too much ahead and was winging it pretty much, it was a nice distraction when the morning runners of the opposite sex would stroll by and we flexed our beach muscles that we have  gained from our work outs and I am certain that when Bowzers anaconda returns we will get even more stare downs.

We did get the “you not what” scared out of us, neither was paying attention just working on our form and admiring our muscular physic when all of a sudden a bright light was shining on us and someone asking what we were doing. Turned out this stranger was Jacksonville’s own Bing out doing a solo ruck walk, T claps to Bing.

The Thang:

  • 11’s – 10 curls, 1 O/H press this quickly got changed to 7’s
  • 10 coupon Goblet squats
  • 10 coupon bench rows each arm
  • 10 coupon Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 10 bench presses
  • 10 butterflies
  • 10 coupon side to side oblique work – a new that Bowzer added today
  • Curls for the girls until the burn is too much
  • 1 lap around the fountain dead weight carry.

Rinse and repeated twice

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