Is that an Anaconda in your pocket or are you…..?

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  • When: May 11, 2017
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Doggie Howser, Heisenberg, Bigbird, Snuffy-Respect, Toxic-Respect squared, Synapse-Respect, Dr. Okie, Gecko, Pud, Drone, Feud, Lifo, Jumanji, Paddy, Bowzer

My apologies to any F3 member reading this that was not present to fully appreciate what happened this morning.  15 Pax gathered in the smoky gloom to play with my Anaconda. (and so it begins….cue Boogie Nights theme music)

Throughout the morning F3 Jax Pax were educated with Anaconda facts that may have prompted some to ask Google to verify these tidbits of higher knowledge. Go and google boys…go ahead and google!

COP x 15 IC




LBAC forward and back

The Thang

After a mosey around the field to the library, the Pax ended up at the play ground for Pull up  ladders with merkins to warm up the upper body.  Little known fact 1. Originally the snake was named Jimmyconda however in order to avoid lawsuits with the Mexican food cartels because it sounded too much like Chimicanga, the snake was renamed after Jimmy’s wife to Anaconda.  She wasn’t happy about it.

We then bearcrawled to basket ball court where we found YHC’s massive snake laid out for all to see. Oh my friends it was a sight to see! And all had a turn to shake the snake.

TIME OUT…Stop the music!

For those reading this that are unaware and may be feeling they are reading a trash novel, let  me explain…..YHC acquired a 35 foot, 2″ thick battle rope that is used at Venice Beach from time to time. Snuffy dubbed it the Anaconda.  You can turn the Brown Chicken, Brown Cow music back on if you wish at this point. (hats off to Toxic for the inspiration for the below)

Where was I? Oh yes.. snake shaking!

Each Pax had 60 seconds doing Alternating Waves with the snake…er rope. Whilst that was going on the rest of the Pax completed the following:

Regular Merkins



Wide Arm Merkins

Big Boy sit ups

Lot’s of mumble chatter and innuendo goings on, Especially during Doogie Howser’s turn. Really?

Calf raises

FACT 2: Anaconda’s eggs hatch inside the body and the babies squirt out live. Jumanji gave the scientific name, but YHC was too busy trying to breathe to remember it.

Diamond Merkins

V ups

Monkey Humpers – crowd pleaser

Left arm stagger Merkins – Mumble chatter about switching mid way….I thought we would get to the right arm, but alas…we did not. Please feel free to switch on your own.

Plank – Low or High…we don’t judge


Sprints – Length of court

Bear Crawls – side line to side line

After each Pax had their turn…(on the drive home it struck YHC that the last PAX to engage in snake shakery got  the maximum workout.  My apologies to those that may have felt slighted. Dang.

Mosey to the pavilion

In addition to Anaconda’s needing both upper and lower body strength we did the following:

20 dips

10 box jumps

10 HB step ups – each leg.

Fact 3: Anaconda’s have integrity so we honored the train with 10 burpees.

We finished with a round of the PROTRACTOR!

We slithered to the Virtual Flag for COT

Myself, Pyro and Brief have started a new series Just Ask, Ephesians 5:15-16 states ” Be very careful, then how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil”

The crux of the first session can be boiled down to, of every invitation, opportunity, relationship or decision ask ” What the wise thing to do?” if you weregoing to do the wise thing, what would it be? By asking that question, even if you don’t follow through, you will discover something about you.

Prayer requests, F2 at Panera Friday at Town Center.

Be wise today!

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