Failure isn’t really Failure

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  • When: 05/15/2017
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Hollywood, Burmease Python

So the afterglow of celebrating Mom was quickly squelched when the dreaded dream killer sounded and reminded me it was Monday.  Couple that harsh reality with the residual effects of an Indian buffet and you have a perfect receipe for #Genesis! (I was actually in a good mood as a lost sheep returned from Ireland to join us, welcome back Burmease Python)

Conditions: Ideal, dark, quiet(no Toxic), low humidity, moist.

Jumanji: surprisingly approachable

Warm Up

All IC x15

Seal Jacks

Mummy Run

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Fast Feet

LBAC f/b

Mosey to Playground

Partner UP

10 Reverse Pull Ups / Merkins + Lap around + slide (R&R x4)

Regal Jack Webb Heels 2 Heaven + LBCs 1/4 Ratio to 10/40

Mosey to Pavilion

BTTW at each post(30sec) rotate to next post via duck walk. Facing water of course

Mosey back to field

Jack Webb Merkins + Air Presses 1/4 Ratio to 10/40

Dirty McDeuce

6 Pull ups, 12 Sumo squats, 18 Plank Jacks (R&R x3)

Really focused on form the last set…quiet pull ups, low squat, wide planks


Superman 10 OYO

Carolina Dry Docks 10 OYO R&R x3

Bonus: Teeter Tots to the Dog. (Sorry you had to be there)

We focused on failure not being a bad thing as it means you are testing/pushing your limits.  If you never fail, then you are not trying hard enough, or not trying new things.

“God uses people who fail because there aren’t any other kind around”

Think of the arrow next time you get bogged down with life, it must be pulled backwards before it launches toward its target.  Failure means you are trying, and that means you are giving effort.  You learn more from failures than you will from your successes.


Prayers for BP, (options at work), Jumanji’s adoption proceedings, and Shredder/Stanky Leggs who are on the DL.

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