Friends don’t let friends skip LEG day

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  • When: 05/23/17
  • The PAX: Gekko, LIFO, Synapse (Respect), Feud, The Bus, Biiiiing, Heisenberg, PUD, Doctor Okie, Toxic (Double Respect), BigBird, Jumanji, Xenu (Respect), Barker, PYRO

15 Jax Pax avoided the dreaded fartsack to join YHC for some leg, leg and even more leg day. Friends don’t let friends SKIP leg day!

Conditions: 1200% humidity

Disclaimer then Mosey around the library for a quick warm up, then circle up in the parking lot.


  • Smurf Jack x 20 IC
  • Sumo Squat with leg lifts x 15 IC (better go OYO next time since there were many interpretations of a “Sumo Squat”)
  • Hillbilly x 15 IC
  • Squat x 15 IC
  • Parker Peter x 15 IC
  • Monkey Humper x 15 IC
  • Circle Burp (a YHC favorite) with High Knees, quick audible by LIFO to Butt Kickers which was quickly overruled

Lots of mumblechatter from the pax maybe from the high of finishing in the top 5% of the mud run, or maybe the relief of getting through a 16 y/o birthday weekend or even some high school graduations. Whatever it was, it was quickly subdued with … THE THANG

CURB 2 CURB (parking lot oval using the curbs on both ends)

  • But Kis x 20 OYO, then High Knees to the opposite curb, But Kis x 20 OYO, then High Knees back to the start
  • Next round with Mountain Climber x 20 OYO, Butt Kickers, Mountain Climber x 20 OYO, then Butt Kickers
  • Next round with Plank Jack x 20 OYO, Power Skip, Plank Jack x 20 OYO, Power Skip
  • Final round with Air Chair w/ 20 Overhead Claps, Speed Skate, Air Chair w/ 20 Overhead Claps, Speed Skate

Mosey to the Basketball Court for FOUR CORNERS

  • 3 Rounds – 1st round for 15 reps, 2nd for 10 reps and 3rd for 5 reps
  • Lunging in between corners (always facing south towards the parking lot)
  • Gather in the middle of the court for ABS until the six comes in: LBCs IC

10 Burpee penalty for the entire pax for not splitting up correctly to all 4 corners. But c’mon how can you split up 15 evenly?!?

  1. Corner #1 – Groiner
  2. Corners #2 – Carolina Dry Dock
  3. Corner #3 – Iron Mike
  4. Corner #4 – Reverse Crunch

Mosey to the field for ahem THE JACKSONVILLE ISOSCELES TRIANGLE OF DEATH. YHC mistakenly called this the Bearmuda Triangle

  • 3 cones set up with descending burpees at each cone, starting with 10 burpees at cone #1 and Bearcrawls in between each cone

Finished up with a partial GUANTANAMO

  • only went through 5 pax before time expired

*And if your were counting – that’s 1145 total BURPEES #AsianMath


YHC sometimes focuses on a certain bodypart during his beatdowns. Today was no different really targeting legs. But in life we can’t always focus on just one thing. We typically have a much bigger goal that we’re trying to achieve for our families, in our careers, even for F3. We can’t lose sight of that and YHC gave the “spinning plates” analogy. Just like the guy at the circus that has multiple plates spinning if you focus too much on one thing you risk one (or more) falling and breaking. We have to constantly keep an eye on all our spinning plates and do the many tasks to keep them going at the same time.


  • Look to your left and keep your F3 brother in mind today and for the rest of the week! We ALL need that accountability.
  • Memorial Day Murph – next Monday (5/29) at 0630, meet at Alexandria Oaks Park. All Mondays workouts will converge here. Come out and participate. Bring a name of a fallen hero that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom (name, hometown and story for COT).
  • 2nd F Cookout hosted by Biiiiing – Sunday (5/28) from 2pm to 7pm-ish. More information on Slack. Let him know if you can make it so they can get enough food.

Always an honor!!!

Peace Out — PYRO




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