Fire Crotch

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  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: SOC, Big Bird, Bing, Hollywood, McDreamy, Synapse, Xenu, Toxic, SOD, Bouche, Seatdown, Heisenberg, Gecko, Dr. Okie, Throat Swab, Feud, LIFO, Pud, Snuffy, Twinsy, and FNG Jeff F3 Outhouse

22 PAX including 1 FNG braved some mild precipitation and the promise of hair burners to post at BOHICA.


  • 10 SSH IC
  • 10 imperial walkers IC
  • 10 Michael Phelps IC
  • 10 burpees OYO fo the train

The Crimson:

  • 10 pull-ups, run over to cones for 10 burpees; 9 pull-ups run over to cones for 9 burpees….down to 0

Fire Crotch:

  • Teams of 3-4: first team member hair-burner to opposite foul line and back, while 2nd does merkins, while 3rd does squats, while 4th does LBCs, team members move through each station relay race style (each team member does the circuit twice)
  • Bear crawl around racket ball court
  • 2nd round of hairburner relays (same as above)
  • Lunge walk around racket ball court
  • 1 circuit of hairburner relays and then broad jump burpee down the court and back

COT/BOM: Welcome F3 Outhouse; prayers for OTC and Ashley

Announcements: The Drone Protocol is coming- see Slack. If you bring a FNG get them on Slack. 2nd F lunch tomorrow 11:30 BurgerFi in Riverside (Heisenberg is your foodQ)

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