Nocatee Welcomes F3!

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  • QIC: Heisenberg and Jumanji
  • The PAX: Pyro, Hollywood, Mr. Belding, Outhouse, McDreamy, Snaggle (FNG), Full Monty (FNG), and Osteen (FNG)

What a great day for Nocatee! 10 PAX fought the pull of the Fartsack and make a decision to get better at a new AO.  We had a great mix of F3 vets, some FNGs and even a lost brother who returned home.(Here’s to you Mr. Belding)

Conditions : Dark, moist, and weird.

The new AO of Davis park gets a weird on the conditions because it has so many built in features that YHC is not used to having.  For example, the 50 foot flagpole complete with Old Glory flying was a nice bonus for COT. Also, the nicest outhouses with indoor plumbing and stocked with necessary accessories. (2 fingers to my eyes and 2 fingers to you Big Bird and Sod) Plenty of room to roam, and roam we did.

Standard disclaimer was given, (turns out we have an attorney on the reservation) Box checked!

Warmorama all IC x15


Don Quixote



LBAC f/b

Moroccan Night Club


Mosey to curb

Rocky Balboas and Butkus x30 sec each

Mosey to the dugout

15 Dips (note: the bench was not made for a full BB team of MEN as it was a little snug)

On to the BB field for a little 4 Corners (BB diamond style)

3 rounds (10, 15, 20 reps) Bear Crawl, Duck walk, Lunges between

Home Plate Carolina Dry Docks

1st Base Merkins

2nd Base Mtn Climbers

3rd Base Squats

Jumanji took us to the field for some Marine drill

On your…..


Six=BB situps


Mosey to the lot for Burpeecides (Jumanji’s default beatdown)

STD suicide with 4 cones

3,6,9,12 Burpees were completed as most of the PAX were smoked

RR with squats or jumping squats for the men with hair on their chest.

5Minutes of Mary (all IC x15)

LBCs, Flutters, Hello Dolly

Final lap around the small lot to the finish


Nameorama, countorama, and F3 overview.

I shared my faith in Jesus and that He is my strength. Encouraged the Pax to live this day for someone else.

Prayers for travel (Pyro), Full Monty’s M lost her job, OTC and Ashley, and some unspokens.

What a great launch! Imagine if we had REALLY promoted this!?

Priviledged to lead,




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  1. Aye! So glad to see PVB/Nocatee finally up and running. Two years of EH and prayer finally pays off. May all be blessed by the impacted lives that result from the obedience of McDreamy and the Jax Pax.

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