Jacksonville Does Have Hills!

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12 PAX decided to get better and rolled out of the fartsack to post at ANCHOR for a pre-Q-School beatdown, compliments of YHC. One thing to remind those members of the PAX who have not Q’d yet, one advantage to signing up is you help avoid YHC Q’ing twice in one week! Heck, I sign up to avoid having a week of Big Bird, Jumanji and Drone!


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Toy Solider x15 IC
  • Reach through x15 IC

The Thang

Dolly Rucks by YHC walks can be dangerous to the PAX that post at ANCHOR the same day he has the Q. YHC starts thinking, “this looks like a place to do ___ exercise…”

Pearls on a String with stops at various parking lots for Merkins, Bobby Hurley’s, and Groiners (PAX began getting suspicious at this point). We also did alternating broad jumps and lunges between palm trees.

Our final destination- the yet to be nicknamed- Fidelity National Financial parking lot. Once again, the loss of Mount Kil-A-Man-Jaro after moving ANCHOR to Memorial Park left a void in our beatdowns. Luckily, while not as steep as KAMJ, this parking lot is long with a decent incline for:

  • Burp Back Mountain– partner 1 runs backwards up the “hill”, partner 2 performs burpees. Alternate run and burpees until 100 total burpees completed;

Regular Mosey back to ANCHOR

Charles Bronson- 50 reps of an exercise, run 100 yds, army crawl 10 yds mosey to start; exercises performed: SSH, Squats, Merkins, LBCs

Return to COP with greetings by Heisenberg

  • Diamond Merkins x10 IC (Heisenberg style counting)
  • Burpees x10 OYO (for late arrival or was it early?)
  • Lindsay Lohan


All were concerned when one member of the PAX began feeling ill during the beatdown. T-claps to Jumanji for stepping up and giving clear directions to Toxic on what to do and Farah & Farah for ensuring he made it home safely.

Jumanji reminded us all that we, as men, have a tendency to not seek help when help is needed, especially when it comes to medical conditions. He encouraged us to provide clear and immediate instructions to be followed should any of us see something not quite right, especially one of your brothers.

Prayers for healing for Toxic, Heisenberg, Eileen, continued prayers for OTC and Ashley, Autumn’s step aunt for healing, Alisa and Autumn for Autmn’s first day and all kids returning to school, Xenu’s daughter on her mission trip.

T-claps to Dr. Okie and Throat Swab for completing their triatholon.

At Q-school reviewed basic principles of being the Q with emphasis on

  • disclaimer
  • counting
  • being the leader and commanding authority
  • welcoming FNG’s
  • assigning a member of the PAX to watch the six

Full copy of Q Guidelines can be found on the newly developed F3 JAX website. 

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