Anaconda’s Revenge

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  • When: 08/21/2017
  • QIC: Snuffleapagus
  • The PAX: Xeno, Dr. Okie, Bowzer

3 loyal Pax came out and joined Snuffy to endure the Anaconda’s Revenge.

The Thang:

Mosey out to the Beautiful Jacksonville Friendship Fountain to find no other than the friend of no man. Bowzer’s highly FEARED Anaconda.

Anaconda 30 second arm swing, Ana started strong today and the fear was great
Goblet squat x 10
Anaconda 30 second arm swing, still holding strong, but the fear is waning and confidence is on the rise
Bent over row x 10 too
Coupon swing x 10 each arm
Sumo Squat w/ coupon x 10
Anaconda 30 second arm swing, felt a little weakness this time, the felt weakness brought even more confidence to the PAX
triceps x 10 rinse and repeat
Big boy sit-up x 10
Walk around fountain to

Round 2 was the same, but we dropped to 20 seconds on the Anaconda and added the following:
Calf raises using the coupon to stand on
21 with a squat in-between each are movement
triceps X 10 with double rinse and repeat a real crowd pleaser
walk around the fountain

Round 3 and running out of time:
Took another round trying to beat the Anaconda into submission, we all failed. Bowzer’s Anaconda is an unforgiving beast it is strong and relentless on it’s endeavor to overcome and beat us, but with each passing turn the Pax grow stronger in the commitment and resolve to get better and overcome.

COT with the Kessel Run Pax:
Prayers for Ashley and OTC, Seatdown and his M, Earshot, BigBird.
Welcome FNG “Artist” brought by Earshot

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