Pyramid and Deck of Pain

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  • When: 08/24/2017
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: PUD, SOD, Big Bird, Pyro, Drone, Chiclets, Twinsie, Earshot, Lifo, Artist, Snuffy, Dr. Okie, Bowzer, Toxic, Mathlete, Synapse, Fued, Throat Swab, Earshot, Fife, Flounder,

What began as another muggy morning in the gloom turned into a joyous morning of mumble chatter! Aside from QIC forgetting to allow the Pax to recover a time or two, things went well early on… As the workout commenced I’m not sure that most Pax enjoyed the torture that ensued!

* SSH * 25 IC
* Don Quixote * 20 IC
* Reach Through * 15 IC
* Prisoner Squats * 15 IC
* Knee Tuck Jump Squats * 10 OYO
* Iron Mike’s * 10 IC

Ballistic Stretch while we divided into 2 groups. Mosey to the Playground! 1’s took to the bars & 2’s pulled up a little concrete for… PULL UP PYRAMID & DECK OF MERKIN PAIN!

* 1 Pull up
* 2 Chin ups
* 3 Neutral Grip (Pull & Chin) ups
* 4 Pull ups
* following the same pattern up to 10 and then back down to 1!
* Special props to Drone who started w the Tribute vest & Earshot that finished with it!
* Total 100
* THIS WILL BE REPEATED – Next time, I’d suggest partnering up so that Partner A can Assist Partner B in order to make sure there is a full range of motion on all reps.

While the 1’s were enjoying playing on the bars… the 2’s were playing cards!

* Deck was cut in half… two stacks of 26 cards… it was discovered that although shuffled the cars weren’t equally balanced! Basically… flip a card, do a few merkins…
* 1st 26 – Spade = Wide / Diamond = Diamond / Heart = Military / Club = Hand Release
* 2nd 26 – Spade = Stagger Right / Diamond = Stagger L / Heart = Right Leg Up / Club = Left Leg up
* Aces were BONUS… 1st 2 Aces pulled were 11 Cross (3 pt) Merkins, next 2 Aces were 1
* All Face Cards = 10 merkins
* Neither 1’s or 2’s completed both decks… if both decks were finished, we’d have completed 380 Merkins. THIS WILL BE REPEATED but we may opt for Merkins that don’t need as much explanation as this took time… the goal was to knock out all 380 in 15 minutes.

Next we took a little bear crawl stroll over to the basket ball courts… Balls to the Wall at the Racquetball court was planned but… we ran out of time!

* We did a few shoulder stretches, triceps stretches and a nice Crescent Pose (Yep, got some Yoga in there!)

Circled up for BOM…
* Prayers of Thanks for Ashley (OTC) – “The Mass in her Ass”
* Prayers needed for Lifo’s wife – Traveling / Xenu – Traveling / Drone’s wife – Possible Lime Disease / Pyro’s wife in getting used to her baby boy headed to college! / Big Bird taking a Test! / Earshot’s smooth move to an apartment!

Labor Day = 2.0 Day

Leadership Lesson – Leaders take ordinary men and make them extra ordinary… I think I said something slightly more profound but my memory escapes.

Looks like the total count was 21 not 20… BLACKJACK BABY!!!!

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