No Anaconda Today

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  • When: 08/28/2017
  • QIC: Snuffleapagus
  • The PAX: Bowzer, Dr. Okie, Throat Swap, flounder, Xenu, FNG - Welcome Septum

Due to weather conditions the Anaconda decided to stay dry safe and warm in Bowzer’s vehicle. Snuffy had planned and put a good workout in his phone, but due to his lack of planning and sticking his phone in his pocket while walking out to the fountain he deleted his workout. So I pulled a Jumanji and shot from the hip, I may not get everything on here, but I’ll do my best.
6 PAX and 1 FNG for a total of 7.

Starting with very light rain:
Warm up:
SSH x15
LBAC forward x10
Chinook x10

The Thang:
Squat with overhead press x 10
BB sit-up w/coupon x10
LBC w/coupon x10 rinse and repeat
Somewhere in here I drafted Xenu to lead an I/C exercise so he could get a feel for his VQ this week.
Walk around the Fountain
I tried some type of 1 to 4 ratio of Wonder Bra with a squat that really didn’t work. maybe next time
Bench press
BB sit-up
Bent over row 10 each arm
Pterodactyl 10 or commonly known as a bent over fly
Called on the PAX for some input I can’t remember what each one contributed so as not to slight anyone let’s just say that they had some good ones. I especially liked the FNG’s basic jumping jack while doing and overhead press and Xenu’s holding 6 inches while doing some fly’s.
Walk around the Fountain.

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