ARGHH Keep on pushing

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  • When: 08/29/2017
  • QIC: Synapse
  • The PAX: Earshot, Septum, Outhouse, PUD, Xenu, SOC, Snaggle,Throat Swab, Dr. Okie, Drone, Pyro, Big Bird, Jumanji, Snuffy (How do you spell Snuffalapagus?) Lifo, Twinsie, Seatdown, Brief (good to see you, long time no see), Farah and Farah

21 Pax this morning for a workout that worked arms, chest, abs, and legs.
Circled up and the field. Welcome and proper disclaimer given. No FNGs.


15 Hillbillys IC
15 Plank Jacks IC
15 Groiners IC
15 Mountain Climbers
Circle of Pain. Each Pax does a Boxcutter while all others hold 6
Partner up. Each partner does 20 Iron Crosses.
Black Jack–We finally finished one of these!
Mosey to the playground
Each Pax does 1 pull up and them either lunge walks or Ciaroca around the short lap sidewalk. Repeat doing adding one more pull up each set, up to 10 reps.
Bear Crawl to each light post along the short sidewalk. Stop do 25 pretzel crunches. Bear Crawl to next light post, do 25 pretzel crunches. Bear Crawl to next light post–but we ran out of time.
Circle up at the flag for BOM

Prayers for the folks in Houston, especially friends and relatives.
Justin McKee-MRI
Brief’s wife Crystal–considered for judgeship
Artist–his daughter, Lydia, in the hospital
Reflection 1 Peter 5:7 Be sober. Be vigilant. For your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
F3Nation helps me stay on guard against the devil.

Your Truely,

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