Eat Well & Enjoy Your Dessert

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  • When: 08/31/2017
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: Synapse, Pud, Pyro, Dr. Okie, Feud, BigBird, Snuffy, Toxic, Evac, Throat Swab, Seatdown, Ear Shot, SOC, Eclipse, Septum, Chicklets, Lifo, Flounder,

19 Pax this morning at BOHICA for a F3 Course Dinner! All left filled and satisfied.



Introductions by the The Host (Q)

Asking new friends (FNG) to join the party. Welcome Evac!


10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward IC

10 Little Baby Arm Circles Backwards IC

10 Hillbillys IC

10 Reachers IC

Move to Dining Room



A 12 Minute Tabata! What a surprise to find that on the menu. Always highly recommended by Big Bird.

Four (4) Rounds of SSH, Merkins, Squats and Burpees.

20 High Intensity Seconds for each exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. (Seat Down had a point that our Waitress Alexa seemed to keep adjusting that down to 3.)

1 minute rest between rounds. Lots of mumble chatter after the first 2 rounds. Not so much for the last 2. The Q sensed people were simply enjoying meal and waiting for the main course.



We were all happy to see a classic like DORA 123 on the menu. Just like meatloaf and mac ‘n cheese. Nothing spectacular but always makes it feel like home.

As a fun treat, the Q had each PAX draw cards to determine who would be their dinner partner.

Each table enjoyed 100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Squats. While one partner imbibed, the other did a 60 yard cone to cone karaoke run.

Not everyone finished but that’s a good thing. We needed to leave room for dessert.



We got served up Louisville Honey Pots. The recipe provided by our brother Diablo who runs with F3 Louisville.

The dinner partners stayed together and were given a 38 pound honey pot (cinder block).

The goal was to get the honey pot 60 yards down the field doing a bear crawl.  They could roll it, tumble it and/or drag it.  They could not carry it on their back. As one partner bear crawled,  the other did 10 plank jacks and then ran to catch up to his partner. Then he took over and the other partner ran back to the start line to do 10 plank jacks. And so on and so forth until they finished.

Special shout out to Seatdown and Big Bird, who helped the “odd man out” (Q) get across the finish line. 

When all finished, the partners did a Honey Pot Share. They stood back to back and handed it off to each other 20 full rotations in one direction and then 20 full rotations in the other direction.

At that point, we were all filled and satisfied and each group competed to see how fast they could get back to the COT while holding the honey pot between them.



Prayers for:

Sally and her family that they find peace.

Heisenberg that he comes back stronger than ever.

Synapse in having a successful day at work with the new proposal he is delivering



Feud’s M’s shoulder. May it heal.


Remember to BREATHE.

When a family member has a bad day and snaps at you.

When someone at work starts pushing your buttons.

Take a chance to breathe in, breathe out and focus.

Instead of punching back with your immediate reaction, what is the right reaction? Are they really calling out for help? Do they just want somebody to listen?

Maybe you can be the one that offers the words that change their day for the positive.




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