Cones Galore

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  • When: 09/02/2017
  • The PAX: Bing, Feud, Hollywood, Jumanji, SOC, BigBird, Snuffy (respect), FarahandFarah (respect), Xenu (respect), Pud, Pyro

11 PAX showed up on a very humid, but not terribly hot day and noticed cones that stretched all the way across the field.  Some stated that this would be some crazy type of suicides.



Disclaimer (FarahandFarah did notice I was not a professional on how the cones did not make a straight line nor equidistant).

  • Merkins 5 IC
  • Burpees 10 IC (2 count, down/up)
  • Chinooks 10 IC
  • Hillbillies 10 IC
  • Flutter kicks 10 IC
  • LBAC bck 10 IC
  • Flutterkick/Chinooks10 IC

The Thang:

The PAX lined up at the lightpost and we had to go all the way across the field. The PAX can choose any sort of method, but not 2 in a row (lunge, crabwalk, bear crawl, duck walk, frog hop). We stopped at each cone about 10 of them to do 20 LBC at each.  Once all the way accross. Airchair with front claps 15 IC.

Well, we had to get back. So…Burpee Dan to sun faded cone (in the middle). 10 Lunges, 1 burpee, 10 Lunges, 2 burpees, etc…

At the faded code, we continued but 4 lunge, 1 burpee, 4 lunge 2 burpee, etc…

Moseyed to statue.

  • Calf raise 20 IC
  • Butkis for set time
  • Rocky Balboa for set time
  • Merkin Clock IC 5 at each 12, 3, 6, 9, 12. 
  • find a bench – dips 20 IC, Heisenburg step ups 10 each leg.

Moseyed to field. Circled up.

Ring of fire, flutter kicks. Ring of fire, something else. I forgot. But overheard ‘dont’ forget to hold your 6 inches).

Captain Therkin (1 BBSU, 4 American hammers, 4 merkins) 2/8/4, 4/12/4…10/40/4.

I had something else in mind to do and Jumanji must have read it. He said a top 5 least favorite was seal crawl.

So..we seal crawled between 2 cones. Then Boo beared back, then inchworm back again.

Circled up:

There were a few more exercises that escaped me..but we finished on Burpees 8 IC (2 count, up/down)..followed by Lindsay Lohan.


Naked Moleskin:

We take many things for granted..yes, it is inconvenient when we lose power during a storm. But those in the wake of Harvey. Lost all material items. When/if they return. they might be starting at a pile of nothing. We cannot fathom the loss.  But what we did see is people helping out one another.  We never know what the future holds..but I am sure there are people that could use help when the time comes. That’s what we can do..step up and help.

Thoughts/prayers – Harvey victims, Biiiiiiings kids,  Feud’s M. I am sure there are more unspoken.

Until we meet again (which is 2.0/Convergence at 9A/Baymeadows) on Labor day.

LIFO is out.

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