Involuntary Merlot

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  • When: 09/05/2017
  • QIC: SOD
  • The PAX: PUD, Seatdown, Drone, Jumanji, S.O.C., Xenu, Dr O, Toxic, Bing, Earshot, Lifo, Synapse, Big Bird, Brief, Septum, Eileen (welcome back), Fued, Twinsie, Chiclets, ?

Once upon a time a friendly sod was scooping ice cream on the eve of his Q.. All of a sudden, major insults (speaking of recent absences) were thrown at him by those who shall not be named. Sod, being a wise and merciful Q, accepted this unspoken challenge of making all 21 pax feel like they wanted to merlot.. These antagonists were certainly in for a treat 🙂

1. Mosey to center of field

A. Circle up

B. Disclaimer

2. Warmup (10 burpees for late arrival)

A. 15 merkins in cadence

B. 10 merkin up and downs (demonstrate)

C. 15 squat jumps (form nazi)

3. Fast mosey around library back to field

4. Pick teams

A. Everybody air chairs while teams are picked (form nazi)

B. Describe game (both teams low plank in center of field while one person from each team sprints around circle and back to group. Once your runner returns to group, whole team switches to mountain climbers. Next person in line goes. Once this person returns, switch back to low plank. Repeat until one team is completely finished. This winning team will be rewarded with a broad jump down the field and back and then a slowsey around the circle. The losing team will be punished with a broad jump down the field and back twice. Ended up having major confusion and everybody did broad jumps down and back (pause for 10 burpees due to train)

5. Aiken legs at pavilion

A. 20 squat jumps

B. 20 box jumps

C. 40 high knees

D. 20 groiners

E. All in succession and fast paced

6. Mosey to edge of field

A. Suicide to cones and back

B. Start out with 20 merkins after first cone

C. 15 after next

D. 10 after next

E. 5 after next

F. Once you finish the five merkins, bearcrawl all the way down

G. Broad jump all the way back

H. Air chair for 6 (form nazi)

I. Jailbreak there and back

7. Mosey to basketball court

A. Bear crawl suicides on court

8. Mosey back to field

A. partner carrys there, pause to do 10 squat jumps, switch position and go back, 10 burpees

B. Wait at edge of field and finish off with 50 crunches

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