Christmas in September…??

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  • When: 09/14/2017
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Slash, Outhouse, Osteen, Full Monte, Pom Pom, Gizzard, Squeege, Air bags, Dollar Bill, Mr. Clean, Bail Out

Just a typical Thursday smack down in the Badlands? Persish the thought! When, what to our amazed eyes should suddenly appear…25 sandbag leftovers post Hurricane Irma. How this ‘gift’ found it’s way to the AO in such a timely and organized fashion remains a mystery know only to  Santa’s Elves (aka PomPom). As such, here was sandbagapalooza…


  • Welcome/ disclaimer/ purpose
  • Warmup (10 min)
    • SSH 20,ic
    • Cotton pickers 20, ic
    • Armorama—chinooks/ LBAC/Moroccan night clubs (no rest between) 20 each, ic
    • Burpees 10 oyo, thanks to Mr. Clean’s tardiness
  • Mosey to parking lot (high knee, karaoke, left/ right)
  • The ‘Thang’
  1. Survive – based on our recent experience with Hurricane Irma, we decided that a review of ‘survival tactics’ was in order. First rule: Never leave your (sandbag) Buddy behind…
  • S – Size up the situation—Slap Merkins w partner 20 oyo
  • U – Undue haste makes waste—Updowns: Chop your feet or high knees. On Q’s signal chest hits the dirt and bounce back up and resume chopping or high knees. (x too many)
  • R – Remember where you are—Rows: close overhand grip of your buddy at waist level and bring up to your chin, 20 ic
  • V – Vanquish fear and panicV-ups with overhead buddy,  20 oyo
  • I – Improvise—Iron Mikes: jump lunges 20 oyo—with your buddy
  • V – Value the people around you—V-merkins (aka diamond Merkins), 20 oyo
  • A – Act like the natives: American Hammer with buddy 20 oyo
  • L – Learn basic skills–Louganis: With buddy held overhead, full arm extension, do a big boy sit-up, keeping your buddy overhead during the entire motion, 20 oyo
  1. GRETA (partner up): 50 derkins on buddy/ 100 buddy swings (bag kettle bell)/200 buddy squat to overhead press
  2. AYG to 1st PL!!
  3. Roxanne: while running in place at a high cadence/ high knees for the entire song, a burpee is done at every “Roxanne.”

COT/BOM– Reminded ourselves that God will direct our steps when we allow it. Prayed for patience in post- Irma clean up

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