Check Your Gauges!!!

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  • When: 09/16/17
  • The PAX: Chiclets, McDreamy, Sketchy (welcome), Eclipse, Osteen, Snuffy (respect), Bowzer (respect), Synapse (respect), PUD, LIFO, Doctor Okie, Flounder (respect), Throat Swab, Sugar Plum, Barker (welcome back), SOC, Feud, BigBird, SeatDown, Xenu (respect), Hollywood, Biiiiing, Sold and Pyro

24 Jax Pax showed up in the gloom for a Pyro Beatdown. I think most of them were really more interested in how our AO at Memorial Park fared through Hurricane Irma. Also about 14 Pax doubling-down with a Pre-Anchor Dolly Ruck or Run.

Conditions: dry and surprising not soggy, but that soon changed with the 1000% humidity

Good to see a lot of new faces. I think everyone was just ready to get out and sweat since most were caught up in storm clean up, watching kids because of no school all week, and just plain ole cabin fever. YHC had a little something, something in store.


Warm-Up / COP:

  • SSH IC x 15
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 15
  • Toy Soldier IC x 15
  • Tempo Merkin IC x 15
  • Hillbilly IC x 15
  • Reacher IC x 15
  • Prisoner Squat IC x 15
  • Plank Jacks IC x 15
  • Mummy Shuffle (tribute to Balut) IC x 15
  • One of YHC’s favorites – CIRCLE BURP (high knees and PAX go ahead the circle calling out “down” for a total of 24 burpees)


The Thang:

Pair up and learn 3 things about your buddy/partner (i.e., family, pets, work). Mosey to the Statue (who still has to be named!!!)

Circle up for Burpee/Tuck Jumps

  • 1 burpee & 1 tuck jump
  • 1 burpee & 2 tuck jumps
  • Pax went up to 1 burpee & 7 tuck jumps (lots of mumble chatter “thanking” SeatDown)
  • What goes up, must come down! Reverse back down to 1 burpee & 1 tuck jump

Pair up again with someone different and learn 3 things about your buddy/partner (i.e., where they grew up, who brought you to F3, who are you EH’ing). Mosey back over to the field. Split the group into 4 groups.

Pyro’s Bear Crawl Box of Death

  • 4 cones set up in a square box (about 15 paces apart). Pax mosey to your assigned cone.
  • Always facing the river, Bear Crawl in between cones (regular bear crawl, side bear crawl right, crawl bear, side bear crawl left)
  • Starting with 20 reps at each cone, then decrease by 5 each round (i.e., 20-15-10-5). Finishing at the cone where you started.
    • Cone #1: Squat Jacks
    • Cone #2: Bobby Hurleys
    • Cone #3: Skater Hops
    • Cone #4: Side to Side Hops

*Heard at F3 – dang-it Pyro your workouts = almost merlot

Pair up again with someone different and learn 3 new things about your buddy/partner. Mosey back over to the Statue. Circle up around the statue on the steps.

Leg Work “Down by the River

  • Regular Calf Raises IC x 20 (which is like 40 counting the F3 way) … feel the BURN
  • Pistol Squats Left Leg OYO x 20
  • Toes In Calf Raises IC x 20
  • Pistol Squats Right Leg OYO x 20
  • Toes Out Calf Raises IC x 20

Pair up again with someone different and learn 3 things about your buddy/partner. Mosey back over to the field. Line up on the edge of the grass.

Mucho Chesto Suicides

  • Start with 20 Werkins, then 20 Regular, then 20 Diamond, then 20 Left Stagger, then 20 Right Stagger
  • Plank until the SIX

Slowsey back to the cones.

MORE Cone Work

  • Pick your Poison: Broad Jump, Bunny Hop, to the other side
  • Groiners OYO x 10
  • Broad Jump, Bunny Hop back
  • Donkey Kicks OYO x 10
  • Lunge Walk to the other side
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 10
  • Lunge Walk back

Pair up one last time with someone different and mosey back to the imaginary flag clockwise taking the long way around the park.


Naked Moleskin / BOM:

YHC spoke about having to help a friend replace an alternator in one of their cars. But they didn’t know what that dashboard light meant. The dashboard lights in your car are supposed to be “idiot lights”. Some are green, others are yellow and then you have some that are red. We are always checking the most common one .. our fuel gauge. How many times have you ever run out of gas? If you’re burning the candle at both ends, you’re going to make a mistake. KNOW your limits. Also sometimes we don’t always check our own gauges. Having F3 gives us the ability to hold each other accountable when another pax can see our gauges and keep us in check.

Contrary to belief, it’s not my goal to have any of the pax merlot. One of them though is to keep everyone together and make sure the pax gets a thorough beatdown and hopefully a little smoked. Great work out there today men!

Lots of prayers requests regarding friends, relatives, coworkers, etc. that are still affected by the storm. We lift everyone up and hope we can get back to normal soon.

Always an Honor!

Peace Out – PYRO


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