When You Can’t Do Upper Body, There is Always the Lower Body… And Abs

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  • When: 09/23/2017
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Drone, Pyro, Toxic (double respect), Snuffy (respect), Osteen, Pud, Synapse (respect), LIFO, Farah & Farah (double respect), Hollywood, Biiiiing, Pick-Six (FNG-Blake), McDreamy, RP (FNG-Max), Feud

15 PAX, including 2 FNGs, posted at #Anchor, in the Jacksonville gloom, to welcome back YHC, who had a brief absence this week due to some sort of sinus bug that kicked butt. Unfortunately, YHC also suffered a shoulder injury during his time off and struggled a bit coming up with a worthy beat down for his return. Unfortunately for the PAX, YHC determined: if we can’t do upper-body, there is always lower the lower body… and core.

All welcomed, provided disclaimer, followed by..

• SSH x20 IC
• Flutter kicks x20 IC
• Toy Soldiers x15 IC
• LBC x21 IC
• Don Quixote x16 IC
• Big boy sit ups x20 OYO
• Squats x15 IC
• WW I Sit Ups x20 OYO
• Burpees x10 OYO for the late arrival

The Thang

Bench Work I- Partner up and run to a bench and perform following exercises:
• Bulgarian Ball Busters x10 each leg
• Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
• Box Jumps x20
• WW I Sit Ups x20

Come back to field waiting for six in Air Chair, then run lap with partner and discuss 1st F of F3

Fitness: Open to all men of any fitness level- workouts are peer-led and designed to be challenging for all PAX, while not leaving anyone behind. Points to ponder:
• What does DFQ or embrace the suck mean to you?
• What is your current goal for working out with the PAX?

Bench Work II- With partners, run to bench and perform following exercises:
• Heisenberg Step Ups x10 each leg
• Big Boy Sit Ups x20
• Box Jump Burpees x10
• WW I Sit Ups x20

Come back to field waiting for six in low plank, then run lap with partner and discuss 2nd F of F3:

Fellowship: Bonds of genuine friendship formed in the pre-dawn Gloom and strengthened through social gatherings, races, and endurance challenges. Points to ponder:
• What fellowship opportunities have you taken advantage of since joining F3?
• If you have participated in any CSAUP opportunities, which one was your favorite?
• If “its not about you?” who is it about?

Mosey to Fountain:
• Calf Raises Toes Out x20 IC
• Butkus right foot first x 1 minute-ish
• Calf Raises Toes Straight x20 IC
• Butkus left foot first x 1 minute-ish
• Calf Raises Toes In x20 IC
• Rocky Balboa x 1 minute-ish

Run lap with partner discussing 3rd F of F3:

Faith: F3 is not a religious organization, but we believe we are not the center of the universe and challenge each other to live for something bigger than ourselves. Points to ponder:
• What do you believe?
• What is your biggest dream or biggest fear?
• Who do you serve?

• V-ups x10, 15, 20, and 25 at the baseline
• Squats x 10, 15, 20, and 25 at the baseline

Modified Aiken Legs- following exercises performed without rest break:
• Squats x 20
• Jump Squats x20
• Lunges x20 (10 each leg)
• Iron Mikes x20

Lindsay Lohan


Good work by the PAX this morning with the FNGs holding their own. It was great being back after missing time with the PAX due to hurricane prep at the hospital and getting sick. YHC informed the PAX that today ended up being a leg and core day due to an injured shoulder. All were welcomed to find out the nature of the injury at coffeteria. During today’s beat down, YHC was happy to provide an opportunity for the PAX to openly discuss how the three different components of F3 have impacted their lives, or how it has helped them impact others; after all, it is not about us.

Prayers intensions to all those still recovering and affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, especially Hollywood’s M’s family in Puerto Rico; for healing for all the injured members of the PAX, and for the man only known to us as “62”. Finished with the Lord’s Prayer.

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