What’s your MOTIVATION?

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  • When: 09/28/17
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Full Monte, Pom Pom, Mr. Hyde, Gambler, Dollar Bill, Starks, Jumangi, Squeege, Slash, Bailout, Wahoo, Snaggle, Jeremy Runkle (FNG), Quarters, Cornhole, Repo, Osteen, Hollywood

What’s Your Motivation?

  • Welcome/ disclaimer/ purpose—YHC challenged the Pax to consider one question during the beatdown: What’s your MOTIVE in life? In other words, why do you do what you do and is your answer aligned with who you ultimately need and desire to be?
  • Warmup
    1. SSH 10
    2. Chinooks 10
    3. Peter Parkers 10
    4. Pickle Pounder 10
  • The ‘Thang’
    1. What’s your PRIME MOTIVE: We ran (backwards/ forwards/ high knees etc) to 6 lamp posts in the AO. At each ‘point of light’, we pondered our MOTIVE. M = Reminder that we are Men, designed by our Maker as leaders, 2 burpees; O = Objective—what are our goals and do we have clear plans to achieve them?, 3 burpees; T = Temptations, what stands in our way or distracts us from our O?, 5 burpees; I = Inviting; do we actively seek others (family/ F3 brothers) in our lives?, 7 burpees; Vital = are we Vital to others? If today was your last—who would cry and why?, 11 burpees;  E = End- zoners, are we finishers, do we begin a task with a clear end in mind?, 13 burpees

(moleskin note: YHC purposely chose prime numbers 2,3,5,7,11,13 as burpee rewards for pondering this valuable question. He thought that focusing on the prime motivation was critically important. This tallied to 68 burpees. For some reason, the Pax didn’t share his prime enthusiasm.)


  1. Mosey to Bearcrawl Hall for
    • Hairburner relays: alternating plate pushing with 20 LBCs/ 20 Air Jordans/20 plank Jacks / 20 prisoner squats. (Note: Sparks were seen; fortunately, no hair incineration occurred.)
    • Bench work at bleachers: Box jumps 20/ dips 20/ Creature Merkins 5
  2. Mosey to baseball field (Note: The was actually and AYG 1/8 mi sprint. YHC was humbly crushed by those possessing 30 year old legs.)
    • Partner work—count into 4 groups
      • Bases: home = Squerkins (wheel barrow position; 1 squats, one does derkin 20 oyo then switch); 1st = partner get ups (cross arms 20 each arm); 2nd = Plank loops (p1 planks, p2 crawls under legs- no touch knees- then jumps over—20 each; 3rd = ‘got your back’ (paired air chair)—until home base is clear. Rotate through all bases.


“We have been moving non-stop for last 45’. Moving—comes from the Latin word motivus, from where we get the word motivation—’a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious’. What moves you? What gets your attention and time? Are your priorities in order? Matt 6:21—where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. As leaders in life who understand the importance of balance and priority—take some time today and check in…what needs more attention –or less

Prayer request/ BOM

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