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  • When: 10/16/17
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Bing, Jumanji, Artist, Seatdown, Pyro, Drone

The battle over who would Q Kessel but yours truly won the fight by shear cunning!


Seven Pax embarked on a journey to “The Stein” under the waning Crescent moon (w 11% illumination). The humidity was there as a gentle reminder that we live in Florida


Trip around Friendship Fountain – The Mosey included butt kickers, power skips & Carioca (R & L).  During the warm up the Pax resisted the urge to kick sand on the Venice Beach Boys (Snuffy, Flounder & Legoland).


Once we hit the Stein, the fun began with:

  • Stairs – Trip up & Down (6 Flights). At the bottom – 20 Merkins
  • Stair Repeat w 20 Jump Squats at the bottom

Stairs to the 2nd Floor for…. A fair amount of sprinting & jogging!  My memory is a little foggy as the Q was called on the fly & there was a considerable amount of oxygen deprivation…

  • 1st Trip up: Jog the flats, Sprint the incline… all the way to 6… 20 count up top, them back down… jog the decline, sprint the flats
  • 2nd Trip: Power skip the flats, Sprint the incline… up to 6 for a 20 count, then take it on down… sprint down, jog the flats.
  • 3rd Trip: Sprint the flats & jog the incline, 20 count (some of the Pax needed some relief under the waning crescent & open air).  Back down… sprint down, backwards run the flats.
  • 4th Trip: Intended to be a light jog all the way up but some Pax wanted extra credit & decided to sprint, skip, do cartwheels, etc… all the way up!
  • Stairs sounded nice about now… down the 6 for 50 LBC’s.
  • Easy Mosey back towards the fountain (watch out for uneven sidewalks)!  As we were approaching the fountain QIC realized that we had just enough time to blaze past the Fountain for a trip up the BBB (Beautiful Blue Bridge). The message here was that even when you think your done, you’ve got more left in the tank!
  • Trip Back down to join the VB boys for COT!




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