Parking Garages?

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  • When: 10/24/2017
  • QIC: Sod
  • The PAX: Snuffy, Bowzer, Fife, Chiclets, D-Nice, Pyro, Mathlete, Evac, Big Bird, Jumanji, Doctor Okie, Feud, Farah and Farah, Throat Swab, Pud, Twinsie, Heisenberg, Seatdown, RP, Flounder, Venus, Sod, Toxic, Earshot

25 Pax (new record?) join in the gloom for a cardio beat down


  • Slightly nipply
  • Toxic: major confusion
  • Heisenberg: I’d assume light flatulence


1. Mosey to parking garages
A. Up stairs and group up
B. Run long ways and go up and down stairs
C. Do monkey humpers for 6
D. Broad jump burpees short ways
E. Go up and down stairs and monkey humpers for 6
F. Do this all the way around
G. Bear crawl a little
H. Sprint a little
I. Crab walk a little
J. Sprint a little more
2. Mosey back to field (with a few near death experiences)
A. Plank for 6
B. Few bear crawls
C. Few sprints
D. Few broad jumps
3. Mosey to flag


Prayer Intentions:

  • D-Nice’s family member and that his family makes it through this tough time
  • Feud’s meeting
  • Earshot’s meeting
  • Evac’s eye
  • All of the other prayer requests Q wasn’t able to remember





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