Flipping Coins in the Cold

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  • When: 10/26/17
  • QIC: Twinsie
  • The PAX: Drone, Feud, Pud, Sod, SOC, Heisenberg, Xenue, Seatdown, Septum, Clousesu (welcome), Spud, Bing

After a hard working Q had made all of his money from making delicious ice cream a little snake by the name of Sod thought it would be funny to steal all his money. Right now the very hard working Q has to wait for his next paycheck to come. But until then the Q can give Sod a little beat down.

Flip a coin to decide what we do.
1. Warmup
A. 5 SSH
B. 10 Hillbillies
C. 10 big arm circles forward and backwards

1. Core section
A. LBC or Big boy sit-ups (100 of each) oyo
a. Big boy sit ups won
B. Alphabet or those things where you out your legs in the air up open and down (whole alphabet twice or 50) oyo or cadence
a. ABC’s won
C. American hammers or flutter kicks (100 of each) counting every 2 for American hammer oyo
a. American hammers won (lost the coin so we switched to flipping my phone)
D. Aqumans or super mans (1:00 minutes of each)
a. Super mans won
2. Upper body section
A. Merkins or werkins (100 each) oyo
a. Werkins won
b. Al gore for 6 (turns out Al Gore invented the internet)
B. Pull-ups or burpees (50 each) oyo
a. Pull-ups won
b. Air chaired for 6 (Sod did Hefner pull-ups as he was occupied with HEAVY flatulence)
3. Legs section (basketball court)
A. Squats or Squat jumps (100 each) oyo
a. Squats won
B. Monkey humpers or gorilla humpers (100 each) oyo
a. Monkey humpers won (according to Seatdown Pud doesn’t get to lead the F3 parenting class)
4. Mosey to field
A. Jailbreak sprints or slow mosey down field and back
a. Jailbreak won
B. Popcorn Drone (smurf jacks) popcorn Feud (burpees)
a. 3 minutes of Burpees won

Drone, Pud, and I are all breast friends now for sticking it out in the cold in tank tops.

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