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  • When: 10/30/2017
  • QIC: Jumanji

At Anthill 10/31 we will do our third fitness check (previously the MANatee and Burpee/Merkin/Situp/Pullup challenge) to track our improvement. The beep or bleep test is a widely used method to measure cardiovascular fitness and max oxygen uptake (VO2 max).

How it Works

The Standard test has 21 levels, and each level consists of a different number of shuttles. The test is performed by running between two markers placed 20 meters (65.6 feet) apart, at an increasing pace as indicated by the beeps. The test ends when you can no longer keep pace, or level 21 is completed (no one has ever completed level 21, although Lance Armstrong and David Beckham are rumored to have done it).


  1. Place markers 20 meters apart (65.5 ft) apart.
  2. Position yourself, or athletes, at one of the markers.
  3. Press the start button of the Beep Fitness Test app.
  4. Run 20 meters to the opposite marker, getting there before the next beep sounds.
  5. Wait there until the beep sounds before running back to the other marker.
  6. Repeat this process for each shuttle until you are unable to keep up with the beeps. Remember, you must wait for the beep before starting the next shuttle.
  7. When you miss a beep you must continue to run to the marker in front of you, turn at the end, and try to catch up with the pace within 2 more beeps. The test ends when you fail to reach the opposite marker for two consecutive beeps.
  8. Your final score is the last level and shuttle you completed before missing a beep.

The speed at the start of the test is quite slow, however it will increase with each level. A level lasts approximately 1 minute and the entire test requires an increase in speed from 8 km/h to 18.6 km/h.

F3JAX Additions:

  • Listen to the app do you know what level and shuttle we are on.
  • Once you are done with the test (you don’t complete a shuttle before the beep) record the last level and shuttle you completed on a sheet on a clipboard.
  • Cheer on those remaining, but it’s F3 so while cheering them on: 50 merkins, 100 squats, 15o LBCs
  • We will take the results and put them on Xenu’s accountability sheet; and we will do it again in early 2018

Some sites with more info:

The Beep Test – A Comprehensive Guide

Here are standards to compare your results: Remember, if you are over 50 you win if you don’t die.

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  1. Great summary. We’ll be doing this in the Badlands on Thanksgiving using a portable speaker synced up to an iPhone, as there are a couple of good beep test videos on youtube (and by good I mean they tell you the level and the shuttle for each 20m).

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