Bleeping Test

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  • When: 10/31/17
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Snuffy, Farah, Xenu, Dr. Okie, Pyro, Drone (CHAMPION), Big Bird, SeatDown, Spud, Feud, LIFO, SOC, Throat Swab, Synapse, SOD, PUD, Heisenberg, Septum

The time had come to do some bleeping work. YHC got to the park early to measure out the required 20 meters distance and setup all the while watching his 6 for rapist and midnight crazies. The only incident was the sight of what appeared to be a crack-head in long underwear running down the street (turns out this was just SeatDown warming up).

Warm-up: run around the library doing some high-knees, etc. Circle up for some random warm-up exercises I can’t remember in cadence. 10 Perfect Burpees OYO. None of these weak calisthenics mattered other than getting a little blood flow going before the Thang.

The Thang-


The Standard test has 21 levels, and each level consists of a different number of shuttles. The test is performed by running between two markers placed 20 meters (65.6 feet) apart, at an increasing pace as indicated by the beeps. The test ends when you can no longer keep pace, or level 21 is completed (no one has ever completed level 21, although Lance Armstrong and David Beckham are rumored to have done it).


  1. Place markers 20 meters apart (65.5 ft) apart.
  2. Position yourself, or athletes, at one of the markers.
  3. Press the start button of the Beep Fitness Test app.
  4. Run 20 meters to the opposite marker, getting there before the next beep sounds.
  5. Wait there until the beep sounds before running back to the other marker.
  6. Repeat this process for each shuttle until you are unable to keep up with the beeps. Remember, you must wait for the beep before starting the next shuttle.
  7. When you miss a beep you must continue to run to the marker in front of you, turn at the end, and try to catch up with the pace within 2 more beeps. The test ends when you fail to reach the opposite marker for two consecutive beeps.
  8. Your final score is the last level and shuttle you completed before missing a beep.

All PAX stepped up and pushed themselves as the beeps came closer and closer together. The wet grass certainly impacted the total scores as several PAX went down and could not catch up to the beep. Pyro, Drone, Big Bird lasted up into the rarified air of levels 9 and 10, but as the dust settled only one figure remained moving back and forth across the course- part man, part dwarf, part super-freak: the Drone.

Scores were recorded in the MotherShip’s data bank for next time.

Other Things we Did to Pass the Time:

  • Mucho Chesto
  • Partner bball court sideline relay: bear crawl and LBCs, lunges and prisoner squats, broad jump burpees and finish the Mucho Chesto
  • Balls two the wall (thank you Snuffy for the serenade)
  • Wall walkers and duck walks
  • Ass scratchers and defense back duck
  • 40 Flutter kicks IC as the PAX finished and on to 20 LBCs, 1 minute-ish of low plank

COT/BOM: last day of Core Value DFQ. Study up and deploy November’s: We choose courage over comfort, seeking out challenges that move us past what the mind thinks is possible. “I’m not the strongest, I’m not the fastest, but I’m really good at suffering.” Amelia Boone.

Praise for and thanks to Synapse’s grandson who becomes a Marine today.

Trinity Mission this Friday

Last day to order F3JAX gear is tomorrow:

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