Time for a little BBQ

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  • When: 11/09/17
  • The PAX: Mathelete, Toxic (double respect), Snuffy (Respect), D-Nice, Feud, PUD, SOD, Pyro, Venus, Septum, Earshot, Grease, Seatdown

13 PAX Joined YHC in the gloom for some work.  Everyone knew there would be no running or travelling, and had some thanks for that.  I tried to make it easy for PUD as he gets ready for the Veterans Day GORUCK Tough (in which Bing in joining). Boucher, Flounder and Bing are doing the Light.

Disclaimer given. My professional certificatation has not arrived yet, even though I mailed in a SASE (you milennials might need to look up that acronym).

  • 5 Burpees – 2 count – down/up
  • Merkins – 7 IC
  • Crab cakes – 10 IC – haven’t done these in a while…forgotten favorite.
  • Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
  • SSH – 1 IC – yes, 1. One PAX said we have to have them..and a complaint came in that we were done before they could really get ready.
  • Rapid Fire Arms – All 10 IC no recover.
    • lbac fwd
    • lbac bck
    • Moroccan nightclub
    • chinook
    • raise the roof
    • bac fwd
    • bac bck
    • overhead clap

Counted off by 2’s just to spread things out.

Smoked Shoulder time!

1/2 of PAX started with 10 dips, then bear crawled to pullup bars for 10. Bear crawled back 9 dips, 9 pullups…1/1. Bear crawling between each station

Other half a PAX started with 10 pullups, then bear crawled to dips for 10. Bear crawled back 9 pullups, 9 dips…1/1. Bear crawling between each station.


  • T-Bones  – 10 ic – learned at GORUCK light. Start in crab cake position. feet together. Feet go out, apart, together back. 4 count.
  • Flutter kicks – 10 IC – Seatdown Favorite
  • Hello Dollies – 10 IC

To Pavillion:

  • Calf raises – 25 IC
  • Tempo dips – 10 IC
  • Tempo irkins – 10 IC
  • Tempo derkins  – 7 IC

Duck walk back to to the flag.


YHC rambled about a few things…as kid you think your parents were old. Now that I’m a parent, I dont’ think I am old but kid inside, yet sometimes my M says I am turning into a ‘get off my lawn person’.

Things change..you have plans for your 2.0’s when they are small, and plans don’t always work out..you have to look at the whole marathon of light not small portions of time. Go with it, certain things now, in the long run might not be that big of a deal.



Earshot – Friend.

Seatdown – for him and his M (and 2.0’s).

PUD, Bing, Boucher, Flounder – GORUCK events.

Veterans Day convergence – GENESIS location. The Murph. At Circle of Man – have information about a veteran.

Earshot led us out in prayer.



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