Tea Party for Badlanders with the MadHatter!

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  • When: 11/30/2017
  • QIC: MadHatter
  • The PAX: FNG (Happy Feet), Snaggle, Osteen, Tinkle, Full Monty (respect), Crash, Slash (respect), Gambler, Dollar Bill, Pom-Pom, Peg, Gizzard, Cornhole, Squeege (respect), Snookie, Airbags (respect), Kramer, Zebra, Bada-Bing, Tinker Toy, Outhouse, Heizenburg, McDreamy (respect) and MadHatter

Badlanders had a wonderful tea party!  Full body workout with travels throughout the wonderful world of Davis Park.  Around the flagpole, through the fields of bases, down the canal of bleachers and black snake our way around the paved play land we all wondered do we love or hate the MadHatter’s VQ!

Warm Up:

Michael Phelps, Side Straddle Hop, Ballerina Toe Squats, Imperial Walker, Goofball, Pretzel Crunch, Prayer Squats, Floyd Mayweather Plank Punch w/Merkin, “I LOVE MADHATTER TODAY!” (ABC’s)

Learned how to do a true 10 count…”10-1-9-2-8-3-7-4-6-5″

Enough circle work as we Mosey to…


Field of Dreams:

As we mosey to the baseball field of dreams we group into 6.  From home plate to first base (Bear Crawl) at first 5 merkins.  Karaoke from first to right field foul pole, 5 merkins, run to opposite flag pole, 5 merkins, karaoke to third base, 5 merkins, bear crawl from third to home with I LOVE MADHATTER TODAY! (ABC’s).  Rinse and Repeated again!

Onto the fence we performed “PURE BURN LEGS” no recovery, 20 count of each!

Canal of Bleachers:

Mosey backwards to the bleachers for a series of OYO exercises: Dips, Dying Cockroach, Floyd Mayweather Plank Punch w/Merkin, I LOVE MADHATTER TODAY! (ABC’s)

Paved Play Land:

Mosey to parking lot with single file to perform Black Snake and looped lot 2x ending in large circle for final chapter of this story:

Daft Punk (Right leg was “M-A-D” Left leg was “H-A-T”), 5 Burpees, Dying Cockroach, I LOVE MADHATTER TODAY! (ABC’s) OYO Rinse and Repeat 2x

Line up on curb and we performed “SHE HATE ME, curb check” (10 each leg, 10 burp, 10 Merkins, run to opposite curb and back) OYO Rinse and Repeat 2x

Back to where the story began…

Billy run back to the beginning wondering what a wonderful wonderland Badlanders were part of today!


Prayer requests were for a family who lost a loved one locally.  One FNG named Happy Feet was in attendance.

Finally a few quotes from Conor McGregor were mentioned…

“Excellence is not a skill.  Excellence is an attitude”

“When you’re about to quit, remember why you started”

“The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable”


Thanks for the opportunity to VQ and look forward to many more.




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