Trust Tree

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  • When: 12/02/17
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Cornhole, Gambler, Mad Hatter, Outhouse, McDreamy, Big Bird, Snuffy, D-Nice, Bing, LIFO, Feud, Flounder, Barker(MIA), Synapse, Toxic, FnF, Pyro, Xenu, PUD,

Great Morning with 22 PAX celebrating a new month and a new Core Value.

Discipline = Freedom

After knocking out 25 Burpees (5 less because of MIA, Barker) welcome back!

Also, T-claps for the clowncar from the Badlands wanting to participate in the HB Beatdown.

Mosey to parking lot for Warm-o-Rama

Unfortuantely, the Jax Pax did not know the December theme and thus paid a 10 Burpee penalty.

All IC x15

LBAC f/b

Raise the roof


Don Quixote

Mosey to next lot for some Rocky Balboa’s x 1 minute

Mosey to a little patch of green by the river for BOMBS

Partnered up for this little routine 50,100.150,200, 250

Burps, Overhead claps, Merkins, Big Boy sit ups, Squats

One partner exercises, the other goes to the fence in any mode except forward running. Crawl, skip, karaoke etc.

Cut short for time bc, YHC had something special planned.

Mosey back to park for some Tree of Trust

Circled up around a lollipop tree with color coded pops for our enjoyment. PAX, 1 at a time, pulled a pop, checked the color and had to lead the exercise >15 reps.  We “trusted” the PAX because we couldn’t see exactly which color they pulled.




Some didnt risk much with LBACs, or Carolina(California) dry docks but others ventured into the unknown and had us into Scorpion Merkins, thanks LIFO.

What does the Core Value mean to you was asked of several men and this was the best.  After I finish what I dont want to do, I am free to do what I want to do. -BigBird

Finally, Discipline to some means/= punishment.  But I as a follower of God see it differently. Discipline is correction with love. God loves us and we cannot change that.

There is nothing you can do to make God stop loving you. You could try, but you simply can’t do it.  That’s because His love is based on His character, not on anything, you say, do or feel.  Rick Warren.

We work hard with discipline because we care about those around us. To getter better for others, not for ourselves.  We receive discipline from a God who loves us enough to not leave us where He found us.

Priviledged to lead,


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